My Flawless Meso-Lipo + Shape & Sculpt Treatment Experience

As soon as I got back home from Flawless last Monday, I tweeted away: “this is prolly the most invasive that I will ever get–meso lipo for my macho arms. Ang sakit!” The week prior I got a heads up from the hubby that I can avail of Flawless’ Meso-Lipo promo. I made sure I did and purchased a couple at P4,500 a pop. I was looking into having my arms and tummy done. The promo came with a free Shape & Sculpt 3 in 1 advanced technology procedure, which I love! The one I got from Asian Tropics was definitely blah compared to this.

taken right after the procedure

Topical anaesthesia cream was applied in both arms where the needles will go. Arms were cling wrapped for around 15 minutes

Now before you give me that look that I don’t have a need for it, I will be the first to tell you that I do. As tiny as I am, my arms are huge. Unlike my sister who has svelte, cylindrical arms, the kind of genes that came with me was that of my paternal grandmom, I was told. Which explains my macho silhouette despite the absence of weight lifting. My son also have the same arms, which makes him look like a cute little bouncer. My arms and tummy are the first to bloat whenever I tip the scale a notch or two (or more).

this is what I saw as soon as I got up the morning after

Now, going back to the Meso-Lipo procedure or Mesotherapy. The whole procedure was done by Dra. Salavani. Several microinjections of a L-Carnitine are used in the targeted areas-arms. It was like being given 32 skin test per arm! The pain was unbelievable! The needle poking was one thing (multiply that by 32 each arm), the L-Carnitine getting inside my skin was another! Now, before I scare you all out into trying this for yourself, I gave this a shot because of two things: (of course, aside from the obvious)

  • the L-Carnitine shots that were to break down the fats are said to be very effective. I did my research. It actually took me two weeks to decide. While I can never see myself undergoing anything more invasive, I thought, this should be something worth trying.
  • the doctor’s guarantee that it is safe.

Day 4

Today is the 5th day and the marks are not as pronounced. I went to visit and check with Dra. Salvani last night and was given an anti-histamine prescription, just to take care of the occasional itchiness that I feel. I totally forgot to drive by the drugstore last night. I survived without the anti-histamine and I actually see that my arms are a lot slimmer now. I can now fit some of my clothes I can hardly get myself into lately! Follow through plan is to get toned via regular exercise. Now that’s something the hubby is going to constantly bug me on.

As painful as it may have been, given the chance that I can go back and decide whether to go for it or not, I think I’d still brave it.Β No buyer’s remorse all right. But it would have been nicer if I encountered a blog post similar to this, just so I could anticipate what was coming. But then again, I might have totally backed out. As the old adage goes, “No guts, no glory.” I might have to do two more sessions of this to have the perfect arms. But since my goal is to just slim them down enough for me to fit my clothes, I’m good with just this. I’ll use my next Meso-Lipo session (which is already paid for) either on my tummy or thighs. But allow me to muster enough guts to go back for that. πŸ™‚

* Will get this post updated with photos when all the marks have disappeared.


  1. Bea says:

    This scares me so much. Wah!!! That looks painful.

  2. Joji says:

    Hi… thanks for the post! Looking forward to updates!

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  5. rhia punsalan says:

    hi.. is it really effective? malaki ba ang nabawas na fat for 1 session? 4500 for both arms? thank u!

  6. Hyanne says:

    I need this treatment too, my arms and shoulders are quite larger now because of lifting weights, I don’t want to lift weights but my husband is so persistent. Huhu

  7. Laarni says:

    Gusto ko din mgpaliit ng braso at tyan kaso nxt yr p kmi uuwi ng Pinas at 4 weeks lang kmi mgstay. Nhiiya ako sa braso at tyan ko gusto ko lumiit para mkapgswimsuit man lang. Affordable b ang pagoapalipo. Ung 4500 b is both arms n? How about sa tummy?

  8. hailey says:

    thank you for this blog ive been searching for reviews about this thanks i have macho arms too hahaha thanks again hope theres a new update on this πŸ˜‰

  9. Min hyerin hhaa says:

    Great post po πŸ™‚ malaki po ba ung mababawas sa 1st session? Kasi dun sa body sculpting 2 inches daw po, gusto ko po sana sa dalawang thighs, pareho po ba ung price?

  10. Acey says:

    This is very helpful. I’m glad I saw this as I’m considering having this procedure. What you’ve written will definitely help me decide. Thank you! πŸ™‚

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