Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring

It was on Sesou’s FB page where I learned that they now carry Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring Wax. The Sesou kiosk in Glorietta 3 is the one place I never fail to visit whenever I’m within the vicinity.

I first heard about Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring Wax in one of the beauty forums that I chanced upon some years back. But because I kind of gotten the hang of visiting my favorite waxing salon, I did not bother to put effort in searching for this particular waxing solution. But I’d have to admit that there are just some days that I want to just do it myself and just try if I can at all pull it off (literally and figuratively). 😉

What is sugaring wax hair removal, anyway? Sugaring is also known as the ancient Egyptian wax.  All natural, water-soluble and hypoallergenic. This makes it safe for sensitive skin, which I think I might as well very well have, judging from the overly delayed disappearance of the marks on my arms brought about by the L-Carnitine shots for my meso-lipo treatment. Almost a month after and they aren’t completely gone yet.

I love sugaring because it removes hair from the roots (epilating), which saves me from having to shave more frequently. I love as well that hair is finer as they surface right back up. No more coarse hair for moi. It is important to note though that the waxed area should not be wet for at least 8 hours. Waxing opens up the pores and wetting the area may result to clogged pores. Strip It! is packaged with a wooden spatula and cloth strips that have the texture of filters used for dehumidifiers. I got the big tub and it costs only P335. This sure is going to save me a lot of moolah. Waxing salons charge from P280 – P1,500. Depending on the part you are to have waxed. This tub will last me months on end, for sure. I’ve used it once. Not an expert yet. But I will get there. 😉

I love that I didn’t feel any irritation after. I just made sure I applied aloe vera gel as soon as I’m done. Unlike other waxing solution, Strip It! is ready to use. So heating isn’t required. But it is an option, if you’d rather have your wax warm. I don’t heat it anymore, since it spreads just fine. It is advised that only non-comedogenic oil or gel be used every after Strip It! sugar waxing or any other waxing treatment, for that matter.


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  2. krystal says:

    im trying to find this here in the United States! shipping is $60 and im trying to find it here so its affordable for me! any suggestions?

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