Fashion Story Level 35

Online games can be very addicting. Before, girls lifestyle and entertainment were all but limited. Given that girls are into makeup and dress ups, now even online games have catered to these girly stuff too. Different applications are now available to play in Yahoo, Facebook, yes even mobile devices like iPhone and Android. If boys play basketball and run to war zones, then girls go for fashion, dress up, and cooking games. I know this for a fact, because my dear sister just got me hooked on Fashion Story. I’m now on Level 35. 🙂

My Storm8 ID is jenaspacio. Add me up! 🙂

There are also available xbox games especially created for girls. Want to reunite with dear old Barbie once again? Reminisce your moments with her online and sharpen your fashion skills. Fantasize how you would enhance this pretty doll by changing her fabulous outfits to gowns and flashy shoes. Also available dress up girls is Goth, if you want to show your dark side but still look amazing.

If you feel that the above mentioned are not for you, that you want the real thing with lots of movements, then try Dance Central. This I have yet to try. I totally dropped Dance Dance Revolution on my second try. Haha! Dance Central is said to surely hype you out. Pooled with current hip-hop and pop sounds, it will keep your body tracking to the beat. This game will beyond a doubt make you feel good about yourself because in a way, you got your exercise, which without a doubt makes you feel good and beautiful inside and out.

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