Metrosexual men

While some women can be considered “kikay,” what exactly do we call their male counterpart? Our generation happens to coin a term especially for them – “Metrosexual Men.” They even carry their own kikay kits with them. Open it up and you’ll see not just toothbrush. But cologne, gel, powder, True! But this does not imply that they are gay. Well, these are straight men, only they choose to pamper themselves a wee bit more.

Take David Beckham, for instance. Never was his sexuality in question but he is considered one of the ultimate metrosexual models of today. There are other high profile celebs who fit the bill.  This is why products have been invented to suit the guy’s skin type. Department stores even have their own side of products for men. Another way to keep themselves beautiful is by working out and regularly taking multivitamins. One of the causes of lack of vitamins is having dry skin. You know dry skin means looking older than your real age. Who wants that? Great thing about companies is that they manufacture and formulate supplements according to consumer sectors; for instance, diabetic, women’s, men’s and children. Multivitamins formulations generally were prescribed to be taken ones or twice a day, but it’s better to ask the physician for the right dosage. Remember, you want to feel and look beautiful not overdosed.


  1. Bea says:

    I had a student who defined “metrosexual”:
    “Miss, yung isang metro na lang bakla na? Parang ako?”


    But I notice that men are getting more into skin care na rin, like my bro, who’s getting married. Ang ganda naman kasi ng bride niya.

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