Update: L-Carnitine Meso-Lipo (almost a month after)

Three days short to a month since I underwent Meso-Lipo in Flawless, this is how my leg arm looks like. I cannot yet go back to Flawless since I just got back from Tarlac last weekend and will soon fly to Davao. It’s not as bad as when I had it the first few days, but the marks where the shots were done have not completely disappeared yet.

I will post another photo after another week. It is a really busy month for us and I hope that when I fly back from Davao this coming weekend, the spots will be completely gone. Otherwise, I really will be convinced that it would have done me good if I took slimvox instead. I will keep you guys posted. 🙂


  1. joy_villa says:

    Hi!! i just had my mesotherapy in flawless megamall branch. I think they do a different procedure to me while yours they put u a cream and wrap your arm for 15 minutes what preparation they do to me is just put the ice on my both arms and i think 5 shots on my arms and done.. im hoping to have a good result in a few days thanks for the post it helps me alot.

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