Vouching for Mariano Dental Clinic

There was no way I would have thought that after more than a decade of having my braces removed, I was gonna have it back on! Blame it on my impacted wisdom tooth that made its way to crash on adjacent molars. One of which I lost during the odontectomy procedure that I had done in April.  Surgery was more than an hour and I went home with 7 bloody stitches! Before I scare off anyone who is undergoing odontectomy procedure, know that it was something that has to be done. Else, I’d end up losing all the molars on that side where the impacted wisdom tooth was.

panoramic x-ray of my problematic set of teeth

I would not have been convinced if it was not for my excellent orthodontist, Dr. Jun Mariano. He and his lovely wife hold clinic together in SSS, Marikina – Mariano Dental Clinic. I cannot thank my friend, Ana,  enough for the reco! Ana told me that the husband and wife team regularly upgrade themselves with the latest in Orthodontics and Dentistry by traveling abroad. This has upped my confidence a notch or two. All it took was one visit and the rest, as they say, is history. Even the Orthodontist at Lapid’s when I was in college couldn’t convince me to have my impacted wisdom tooth surgically removed. I was too terrified to undergo dental surgery that will snap a piece of my jaw off with my unwanted wisdom tooth. Hence, my gaps resorted to fillings. The upper canine tooth twisting and my cross bite were never addressed and only became worse by the year. Yes, this explains my lopsided jaws. Haha! Braces, it is then.

Had I not delayed this dental surgery, I could have been spared not just from having to wear braces again but also that irreparable molar that was extracted alongside my impacted wisdom tooth. I can only wish my teeth get to their proper alignment real soon. Doc Jun estimated a year and a half though. On the bright side, that would also mean that I’ll keep unwanted poundage at bay. 🙂

I’m totally vouching for Mariano Dental Clinic. My son also happens to love Dra. Pinky (Doc Jun’s wife). He’d have his prophylaxis done every week if it were up to him. My teeth have gotten their much needed makeover. Look, Ma, no more mercury based amalgam fillings!  All the possible restorations needed were done before my braces were installed.  A girl’s gotta take care of her teeth! Let’s face it, one’s set of teeth can easily give you away. My genes came with an out of sort set of teeth, which I gather to be dominant (my son has exactly the same), so I have to work on getting them corrected. Here’s to looking forward to losing my cross bite and gaps. A year or so can’t be so far behind. 🙂

Mariano Dental Clinic

15 Moonlight St., SSS Village, Marikina City

Tel. 941-1586 (By Appointment only)

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