Blackberry Pilipinas Fans Meet the Playbook

I’ve always been curious about Blackberry but never really got around to it until  last week during  Blackberry’s First Fans Meet Up attended by Research in Motion’s (RIM) Senior Manager in Social Media for the Asia Pacific, Mr. Gerald Ang.

The idea is for the Blackberry Pilipinas fans to meet the just launched Blackberry Playbook. It was an intimate and fun-filled event hosted by certified BlackBerry addict Rovilson Fernandez. A number of Blackberry Pilipinas fans, bloggers and celebrities like Rich Herrera and Rich Hardin of Team Philippines (Amazing Race) were there to celebrate the event.

We were introduced to each other by pairing us up with another guest.  The object was to learn three interesting things about our new friend. We did that.  It was fun, given all the random,  even quirky facts about our newfound friends.  One man shared that he shaves his legs for speed. He’s a runner and it’s the benefit he believes he gets out of doing so. How interesting can people get, eh?

And did I mention that the event was held in Marriott Hotel’s Garden-inspired ballroom.  Cozy, elegant, quaint. I’m totally digging the ambiance of the place. 🙂

It wasn’t long until names were fished from a bowl and those who were picked were pitted against each other for a game of Air Hockey on the Blackberry Playbook. I was chatting away with lovebirds Iris and Montsch, telling them that I wouldn’t mind winning a Playbook over a mobile, when my name was called to play for the Blackberry Torch 9800.  I went on to play the game certain that there was no way I can win it. Why, I can’t even win against my six year old on the Air Hockey in Timezone! I just went crazy with the puck (4 pucks on the second round) and thought to just play along and just get it over and done with. I guess the Torch and I are totally MFEO (Read: made for each other) Tee hee! 😉

Alex was good! We actually tied the first round. Above is a picture of me ready to play the second round! It was a close match of 4-3.

With Mr. Gerald Ang are the winners who went home with our respective prizes (Blackberry Playbook, Blackberry Torch 9800 and  Blackberry Leather Folio) — photo courtesy of

Yes, that’s me getting cozy with my new toy – a Blackberry Torch 9800! Thanks to Flow for getting me acquainted with this new baby. He practically got me on bbm tutorial as I went to tinker with my new toy! One week in and I’m loving it so far. Blackberry just got both me and the hubby as their newest converts. Jeff just upgraded his Sun postpaid line to usher in his spanking brand new Blackberry Pearl. Oh yes, this couple is speaking Blackberry now. In fact, Sun Cellular just texted to let Jeff know that his BlackBerry Pearl 9105 is now ready for pick up. Yay! Between the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and the BlackBerry Pearl 9105, he chose the latter for its faster processor and non-querty design. Unlike me, Jeff is not much of a querty fan. As of writing, one exciting guy is on his way to getting hold of his new toy. 🙂

How can I miss a  photo op with Rovilson Fernandez. 🙂

Up next, the unboxing photos of my brand spanking new Blackberry Torch 9800! 🙂


  1. Glenn Ong says:

    Glad to finally meet you and Jeff that night! 🙂

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