Kanebo and Elite makeup sponges

It was only during the recent Personal Makeup Course that I took at Maquillage Professionel that I learned to appreciate the use of makeup brushes. Before that, I was a sponge/puff girl through and through. Leaving my brushes stashed away since forever. Now that I have the Charm Travel Pro v3, I honestly can’t figure out how I managed all my make up wearing years without these brushes. My review post about it soon. 🙂

I always knew Kanebo was a good brand, so when this makeup sponge cost me P300 (approx.$7), I was certain that there is a good reason behind it.  The fine print on the package is in Japanese. Save for the brand Kanebo, the only English words on the package are “make up sponge” and the sticker that reads who its local distributor is. Go figure!

The Elite Model’s Fashion make up sponges are cheap. It claims to be recommended by Elite Models. Which by the way, I don’t buy. 😛 It’s not cheap cheap, like most disposable sponges are. But the package does come cheap with two sponges for only P165 (approx. $4). It is the latex kind. I bought this before I got hold of my Kanebo sponge last June, which I figured as non-latex. Elite latex sponges are not exactly my favorite. It can be an alternative. Can do the job, even. But it’s not the best, for sure.

As opposed to Elite’s sponge’s distinct feel of this certain pull on the face when I use it, Kanebo is smooth as smooth can be. No feeling of skin being tugged as I blend away foundation or apply pressed powder.

Kanebo make up sponge (dirty and used)

The still wet Kanebo make up sponge. (photo above)  Five minutes since I took  the picture of its still dirty state.  I use an organic soap to squeeze away the color and makeup on the sponge. Cleaning is practically effortless.

It really is a no brainer. The Elite sponge cannot half measure with how good the Kanebo makeup sponge is.  Non latex sponges are always the better choice. Aside from the smooth feel on the skin, they don’t absorb nearly as much product as opposed to latex based sponges. What I am looking forward to get hold of is the Beauty Pod. It’s the first of September. The perfect time to make that list and add this to our christmas gift ideas that we can gift our girlfriends with. I know, I’d love one! I have been hearing raves how it is even better than the pricier Beauty Blender. Now the next question is: wherever can I buy a Beauty Pod locally?  🙂

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