Shui Hilot Healing Spa via Metrodeal

We finally vouchered away our 90 minute Shui Hilot Healing Massage Spa coupons from Metrodeal. We had it reserved a couple of weeks back and strategically included it in our Monday date night this week.

It was timely that we were able to get hold of the Shui Pinoyhilot Healing Spa via Metrodeal. Our badminton regimen would have my body scream for an honest to goodness massage every time. P345 instead of P1150 for a heavenly Shui Hilot Triple 90 Min. Combo Massage & Foot Treatment at Shui Hilot Healing Spa is a good deal. By the way, Shui is pronounced as “shway.” I only found that out when I read it from the spa place.

Ventosa back massage therapy

It was my first time to have this kind of massage. Ventosa back massage therapy is done by creating a vacuum with heat in a glass or bamboo, sore points on the body are gently eased. This is said to prevent toxins from building up in the form of nodules or “ lamig” and is replaced by a naturopathic organic mineral that enables the cell to regenerate and hydrate inside the body.

Dagdagay is a foot therapy method that uses sticks to massage the feet in rolling and scratching motions from the heel to toes to stimulate blood circulation before applying deep strokes or “hagod”.  The combination of these types of massage was interestingly different from the other spa place we have visited to date.

I took a photo of our feet as we were getting prepped for our massage

It was a very relaxing spa date with the hubby that night. It would have been perfect if the guy on the front desk was a little more accommodating.  That spa date was followed by a night cap at Kopi Roti in Katipunan. “Like” the biggest group buying website on Facebook for updates. 🙂


  1. Nida Autor says:

    Warning ! Do not purchase voucher for Diamond Peel of Club Medici (now transferred to Cool Nails) for 200 pesos from Metrodeal. It is a fake. The facial was even less than a regular facial. What a waste of time, travel and money. I wrote to Metrodeal asking them to take responsibility in evaluating their vendors well but to date, I have not received a response. Please pass the information to other bloggers…


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