Braids add a simple, yet interesting look to your hairstyle

It is always great to make a big effort with your hairstyle by blow-drying, straightening or curling it. However, sometimes you may want to do something a little simpler that takes less time and effort to complete. This is where braiding comes in as it can be really easy to do and does not require lots of complicated hair products and electrical appliances.

There are lots of different styles of braid that can be created, which means that you can choose the difficulty of your style. If you only have five minutes in the morning to do your hair, then two simple braids, one on either side of your head can be perfect. It may be someone’s birthday and you are rushing to buy diamond rings at and not have enough time to get ready properly, again the two simple braids will be great here.

To do these, simply separate your hair into two, parting it in the centre and all the way down the back of your head. Then all you need to do is braid each section separately, securing them at the ends with small hair ties. This does not take long at all and your hair will be tidy, out of the way and look interesting. It is also a great style to use if your hairdryer breaks or the electricity goes out. It can be done on wet hair to make it wavy when the plaits are taken out, or hair that has dried naturally and needs some tidying up.

If you have a little more time and want to go for a look that is slightly more complicated, then another great style is the french braid. These come in various different styles, including one down the back of your head, two separate ones, or one to the side. It is not as difficult as it may seem to create these, for example the side french braid can be just as quick to create as two simple ones.

To do this, start at one side of your head by gathering up three sections of the top layer of hair. Braid these a couple of times, then add in more hair. Keep doing this, while working around your head until you eventually gather up all your hair and proceed by completing a side braid. Secure it at the end with a small hair tie and your look is complete.


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