Our K1 Spa Experience in Davao

We flew to Davao for a quick trip last month and had our very first spa experience down south — in K1 Spa along Quimpo Boulevard. We have zero knowledge of a good spa place in Davao. So we thought to just consult the internet and Google map led us to the nearest spa place from where we were staying.

We were in Davao on our Spa day (Monday), so we thought to check out this K1 Spa. We inquired via mobile before heading to the place and had a good first impression of their staff. So off we went. It was a blessing that my FIL allowed us to use his car as we went around the city during our stay. Commuting in a foreign place can be a challenge.

K1 Spa Menu of Spa Services

The hubby and I availed of Packages 4 (his) and 5 (mine). Package 4 is Aroma Body Massage and Foot Scrub for P530. Package 5 is Body Scrub (Milk Salt) and Foot Scrub for P680. Both of which took an hour and 45 minutes. Pretty cheap for spa packages compared to the ones offered across different spa places in Metro Manila.

They have a huge Foot Spa/Massage Area. Big for most spa by Metro Manila standards.

They have cozy and spacious interior. The lights were all down low. I just took the photo with my TX10’s fierce flash feature.

First stop: Foot Spa. Pretty basic and standard of the usual foot spa.  They have reclining seats ala La-Z-Boy, only better. The seat can actually comfortably recline to 180 degree position. I could have easily slept away the rest of the 2 hours we were there for if I did not have to transfer to the massage/scrub room.

My tickled hubby tries to hide under the sheet as he pents up a laugh. He gets crazy tickled on the feet. That’s his spot. I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing this photo of him. Don’t tell. He hardly reads my blogs anyway. Haha! 🙂

The room that I was led to for my Milk Salt Body Scrub.  The scrub was not spectacular. It was done carelessly even. My favorite is still Seven Senses. To be fair, the foot spa/massage was good. Even the ones doing their Desk Clerk Jobs were fine.

K1 Spa can really use a locker area for their guests’ belongings. As you know with body scrubs, we have to have a safe place to leave our purse in as we bathe away all those granules off our bodies. They can’t really expect us to leave our bags in the room with just a curtain for its closure piece. It would have been okay if the bath area was a decent size where there is a place we can hang or place our bags.

I have to end up hanging my purse on the door knob. And the door knob was right smack across my body as I showered away. I tried my best to not get it too wet by covering my bag with the bath robe full of granules. Ending: I had to shake the granules off my bag for several minutes.  Defeating the purpose why I took a bath in the first place. The granules are back on my hands again. Too much for destressing efforts, eh?

I also did not like so much that we were not offered drinks.  I always thought it was standard for spa places to offer their clients with drinks. Well, it might not just be a standard yet down south. But then again, we were there for a couple of hours. We could have made use of a cold water at least.

We’re flying to Davao in the next couple of weeks for another quick trip. Two days tops. If ever we would swing by a spa place, it sure won’t be K1 Spa.

K1 Spa
Quimpo Blvd., Ecoland, Davao City
Davao del Sur, Philippines
Tel. (082) 299.2819

K1 Spa and KTV
F. Torres Street, Davao City
Tel. (082) 227.6081

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