The need to travel light

Truth be told, as a self professed kikay, the major contributor to my purse’s weight isn’t much of my beauty stuff but my can’t-leave home-without-gadgets. I make sure the makeup kit I don with me is as lightweight as can be. This is why I recently got hold of the Charm Pocket Brush Set, which I will blog about later.

As for the weight of my chosen gadgets, I really don’t have much choice about.  While some are lucky to just be fine with their ipod shuffle, I am partial towards a heavier one and some. But with the marks I get around the inside of my arm whenever I carry my handbag and painful shoulder when it’s a shoulder bag I lug around, I know I really ought to learn to travel lighter than I got used to. Now that’s something I would need to go figure out soon. Any tips?


  1. zoan says:

    If you Cant leave your gadgets at home, then do be light on other things nalang;) like instead of bringing jeans, shorts will do mas lighter

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