To Obagi Elastilash Eyelash Solution or Not

It was not until my eyes got really irritated by the medical grade glue used during (even weeks after) my eyelash extension procedure a couple of years back that I figured I have extra sensitive eyes. It was later affirmed when I tried using Enormous Lash which I bought from Flawless. After a few weeks of using, I had to go see an eye doctor and I was given prescription multi coated glasses aside from the artificial tear drops because my eyes have become extremely dry. There was no way I can last more than 10 minutes in front of the computer that time.

Now that these eyes issues have long been resolved, I am considering getting hold of Elastilash which is officially distributed by Obagi. I’m not a fan of applying mascara and I have really tiny lashes that there’s practically nothing to curl, that’s why I’m back to hoping this eyelash growth formula will work for me this time.

As per Obagi’s website, The Obagi ELASTILash Eyelash Solution is a safe, nonprescription treatment that helps achieve the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes. It is also said to be dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, nonallergenic too.  I’ll probably just have to quit in the event I get any of the previous symptoms I had in the former eyelash solution I used.


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