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It was in November last year when the hubby had his warts cauterized at Facial World in Timog. The scabs left some pronounced scars, which were all practically taken cared of by my hubby’s current favorite skin care product, Nautreal.

Before we got hold of Nautreal, the scars were holding up even after almost a couple of months since the cautery procedure.

Almost 2 months after the wart removal procedure, the scab marks were still all over the place.

Three weeks of using Nautreal Beauty Products and the scab marks have faded a great deal. Most of them, to some degree are  non-existent. The two marks that remain on the hubby’s left cheek are his moles. The ones that used to surround them on the former picture, which were scars from the scabs are practically all gone! And he sure is a whole tad fairer. Now, you know why he’s glowing and all, the next time you see him.  Here’s the bonus, the screaming pores that used to sit around his nose, which have been there since time immemorial are all gone! G-O-N-E!   Just recently, I showed him his “before” and “after” photos, he was so thrilled that he told me to make sure we don’t run out of their products!



I first encountered the Nautreal Beauty Products during the Noel Bazaar at the World Trade Center. It was our girls night out. Bff Beth threw us a Wensha Spa treat. My friends and I figured while we’re there, we might as well check out the bazaar right smack our favorite spa place. Amidst all the various stuff on sale, real and knock off brands, cigar specials and even food stuff, I was taken aback when I saw this sign on Nautreal’s corner that says, “See Results in 1 Week or Your Money Back.” Now, that’s something we don’t see around everyday. That is one brave statement. You just don’t say things like that when you are not sure that you can’t deliver. You just don’t. So I just had to stop and have a look-see.

The different skin care lines of Nautreal

Because I have kind of gotten very particular with stuff I use on our skin, I had to ask Nautreal business owners Diane and Paul Tan, who formulated the beauty products. I was told that their products were developed by chemists and dermatologists. Sweet! That’s a major concern answered for me.

The Nautreal Perfect White Kit retails for P1,100 contains:  Whitening Papaya Soap, UV Protect Cream with SPF30, Whitening Facial Cleanser, and All Out Whitening  Cream

This is what the hubby has been using. We are way impressed! What I love about this skin care line is that they are so easy to apply and I honestly find the steps easier than your usual multi-steps skin care line. Yes, I was impressed enough that I recently began sharing this product with my more than willing product tester.

1. Whitening Papaya Soap
2. UV Protect Cream – apply all over face and neck

Night Time:
1. Whitening Papaya Soap
2. Whitening Facial Cleanser (Active Ingredients: Licorice Extract, Mulberry Extract and Witch Hazel) – moisten cotton ball then apply on face in a circular motion
3. All-out Whitening Cream (keep refrigerated) – apply all over face and neck

Easy peasy. This is actually the first multi-step skin care that I have gone beyond two weeks. If I were to try out one, I find myself  dropping them altogether on the third day.

The Nautreal Bare-able Kit retails for P1,200 contains: Whitening Kojic Soap, Apricot Body Scrub, Whitening Body Hydrant with SPF30 and Evening Lotion

Step 1: Whitening Kojic Soap (morning and evening)
Step 2: Apricot Body Scrub (morning and evening) – removes stubborn dead skin cells
Step 3: Whitening Body Hydrant with SPF30 (morning) – apply every morning
Step 4: Evening Lotion – apply every evening, moisturizes the skin

Since I only had to replace the usual stuff that I use, ushering these products to my daily routine was easy. I stashed my usual Neutrogena Body Oil (which I’ve been using for the past 15 years) and my usual SPF lotion in the drawer for now. I have been using the Nautreal Bare-able line for almost a month and I honestly think I have come to love them. I’m almost out of the Nautreal Evening Lotion, so I would need to have that replenished soon. I will probably order the big bottle, this time. As for its whitening effect, I really don’t find a very dramatic change on my skin. But then again, it’s probably because I’ve been considerably fair to begin with. But I sure am loving the Evening Lotion. My skin feels moisturized up to the day after. As for the Whitening Body Hydrant with SPF30, I kind of find its moisturizing quality lacking as I would sometimes notice some parts of my skin needing some reapplication by midday. It could also be our unforgiving tropical weather these days.


Nautreal Apricot Body Scrub


As a scrub kind of person, I do love the moisturizing feel of Nautreal Apricot Body Scrub. But in a way, I find its texture kind of lacking  in granules. I am just not sure if they have a reason they formulated it this way. But I have gotten the hang of body scrubs that are rich in granules.

My husband and I are loving Nautreal Skin Care Products, that’s for sure. We’re soon to order our replenishment for their Perfect White line and the Nautreal Bare-able Evening Lotion, in its huge bottle this time.  Vouching for Nautreal is inevitable, even as I find their products the gentlest whitening products I have used. No stinging and the micropeeling happened for only three days, tops. And with their Money Back Guarantee, Nautreal Challenge, I’d say, it is worth a try.


  1. Nautreal says:

    Thank you for the review Ms. Jennifer 🙂

  2. […] I did pick out the normal to dry skin precisely because after a couple of months of usage, the Nautreal products started to dry my skin out. I was thinking of resting from that for a while and moisturize with […]

  3. hi, are you taking some orders? if yes may i know the address of your store? because I am using this nautreal beauty product for almost a year but now i don’t know where to buy this stuffs because I am now living out side the country so i don’t know where to find this beauty product here in canada. so would you please give me the address?

  4. […] have since been using Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner in place of Nautreal’s Facial Cleanser. The ingredients of the latter being Licorice Extract, Mulberry Extract and Witch Hazel. My skin […]

  5. NAUTRÉAL says:

    Hi Eloisa, you may contact us by visiting our website

    As for the drying of skin, Nautréal’s Perfect White kit’s suggested usage is only 3 months. After achieving your desired glowing skin, we suggest that you use our Timless Beauty Kit to preserve that youthful skin:)

  6. Jenn says:

    where can i buy the product? i just had my syringoma cauterized yesterday and im looking after the scars it may leave my undereyes and some parts of my face :(( i feel so ugly since some of them already peeled off and left the zits some tiny hole-like i cant explain, it looks more like chicken pox :(( help please

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