My Fossil Stella Resin Watch

I was never exactly a fan of U.S.A. made watches. That was, until my husband gifted me with this Fossil Stella Pearlized White with Gold-Tone. It was so pretty, who cares if it’s not Swiss made. I was over the moon with excitement!

This Fossil Stella Resin Watch was my hubby’s advance Valentine present. This definitely surpasses my other Technomarine boyfriend-inspired watch in the design department. This pearlized watch is part of Fossil’s all-time favorite collection. I especially love the sparkling topring that channels eternity bands. It totally sets the whole feminine finish. Plus the pretty contrast of the pearlized acrylic bracelet and the chocolate dial. As common as boyfriend-inspired watches are these past years, it’s safe to say that the pearlized bracelet made this Fossil watch stellar unique. 🙂


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