Lip Balms from Healthy Options: Alba Botanica Terra Tints SPF8, Un-Petroleum SPF18 and Dessert Essence Lip Rescue with Shea Butter

Although I have this love affair with Forever Living’s Aloe Lips, I still find myself test driving Lip Balms from Healthy Options. Specifically,  Alba Botanica Terra Tints SPF8, Un-Petroleum SPF18 and Dessert Essence Lip Rescue with Shea Butter as I went looking for locally available lip balms. The local distributor I used to buy Aloe Lips from has left its usual nook.

Alba Botanica Terra Tints SPF8, P139 (approx. $3.30)
Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum Lip Balm SPF18, P99 (approx. $2.30)

The first three lip balms I tried from Healthy Options are Alba Botanica Terra Tint SPF8 in Blaze and Bloom variants and the Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum Lip Balm SPF18.  I picked out the tinted lip balms for the obvious reason that I would love not to have to apply lipstick anymore. It would have been the most convenient. Except that, after a while of interchangeably using both Blaze and Bloom, my lips chapped. Yes, totally defies the purpose why I bought them to begin with. Not good.  At least for me.

Alba Botanica Terra Tint uses Zinc oxide. It provides chemical free sun protection with SPF 8, while nourishing, organic coconut and olive oils soothe and moisturize. Calendula, echinacea and organic peppermint rejuvenate and restore for healthy lip care. I expected quite a bit when I bought Terra Tints. This explains why I bought two colors right on. It would have been great since Burt ‘s Bees Shimmer sells for almost thrice its price.

As for the Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum SPF18. I find it just like a regular lip balm minus the usual hefty price tags that better known brands sell for.  Alba Botanica claims this as a Plant Powered Lip Care. It has Vitamin E that heals, Protective Jojoba Oil and Naturally Soothing Plant Extracts. Loaded with SPF18 sun protection. I won’t be surprised if a lot will swear by it. Its signature ingredients are moisture rich olive and jojoba oils which soothe and soften the lips.

Dessert Essence Lip Rescue Ultra Hydrating with Shea Butter, P165 (approx. $4.00)

My favorite from the bunch of lip balms I bought from Healthy Options is Dessert Essence Lip Rescue with Shea Butter. It may not have an SPF. It is even the priciest of them all. But it does its job the quickest time possible. I don’t need to have my lips checked under the likes of led lights at to see the healing it did on my lips. It was recently put to the test when I got sick. A tell tale sign that I’m under the weather are my cracked lips. My lips healed in no time!

Dessert Essence Lip Rescue lives up to its name. Aside from Shea Butter, it also has Gingko biloba which claims to smooth even the driest of lips. Although Aloe Lips will remain to be a favorite, this Dessert Essence Lip Rescue replacement is doing a very good job, by my standards, at least.


  1. Rae says:

    I love my terratints. I love that you don’t have to have a mirror to put it on. I’m not a “lipstick” person.

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