Back from Tarlac!

Hello Ladies and few Gents who joined Kikay Corner’s Rajo Laurel Tree Bag giveaway! Please pardon the week long delay of the contest winner announcement. We just got back from Tarlac for our annual summer youth camp outreach. It has been an awesome week! While it is natural for us to love pretty things that we feature here on Kikay Corner. They really are finite and temporal. Lovely things, nonetheless. But what’s more worthy of celebration are the professions of faith of over 200 young people at camp last week!

The heat at Mt. Peniel Prayer Mountain and Campsite was scorching. Even wall fountains would not have toned it down. My little bugger came home with an onset of heat stroke. He threw up when we got home and felt extra warm throughout the night. Nothing that an oral rehydration drink and sponge bath can’t take care of.

So there. Just a few words, excuse really, 🙂 hoping to explain this delay. I know a lot of you have been waiting to hear who the winner is. Kikay Corner is announcing the winner of the Rajo Laurel Tree bag before the day ends! 🙂

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