Hair Accessory Find at Ben Thanh Night Market in HCMC, Vietnam

Kikay Corner is back from Vietnam and Cambodia! T’was indeed a very relaxing and enjoyable time for me and my family! Thanks to those who have joined my Limited Edition RIIR Tree Bag by Rajo Laurel Giveaway. You still have a few more days to go and I’ll raffle off the winner.
Meanwhile, here is a hair accessory find at Ben Thanh Night Market. And because our hotel was practically a stone’s throw away from the famous Ben Thanh Market, we made sure we did not waste time and checked it out on our first night in Vietnam. 🙂

Hair Find at Ben Thanh Market  for  VND 100,000 (approx. $5)

Sure it does not look so souvenir-y at all. But I cannot help but be amazed at the different things you can do with it. For all I know this particular hair accessory might even be readily available here in Manila. I’m sharing it anyway because I’ve been loving it so far. The heat of the summer season calls for our hair to stay up. Never mind if I was told against it as it said to leave permanent wave marks on my poor locks.

I bought a few other Kikay stuff at Ben Thanh Night Market. But my favorites are the Jade pieces I got hold of at a local jeweler who taught me a handful of things about jade stones and its care. For the most part, Vietnam folks are generally friendly. We all loved the authentic Pho we bought from the streets. We also got to dine in at Pho24. The one from the streets are way better though. At least the one that we often went to. Then there’s the pasalubong shopping we did quite a bit. But we made sure we packed them aright with strapping tape. Else they might come home with us to Manila in bits and pieces. I have a handful of Vietnam and Cambodia related posts coming up. For those who haven’t joined my Rajo Laurel giveaway yet, join now! 🙂

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