Jennifer Lynn UV Gel Nails by Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio

Let me just start this entry by saying that Jennifer Lynn UV Gel Nail Polish is a klutz’s best friend. I finally got to try it out for myself a few days before we left for our Vietnam – Cambodia trip some weeks ago. Because I practically mess up my manicure in less than ten minutes after application, I rarely have my nails done in a salon. If at all, I would almost always have to go back in less than 20 minutes to have the blasted paint redone. Frustrating, I know!  This basically explains why I have a collection of nail polish at home. Doing the polish myself and having them repainted when needed proved to be the most practical to do. But even then regardless of the brand I use, whether it is O.P.I., Elianto, Orly or Revlon, the paint will chip in two days tops.

My UV nails taken via Instagram

Two words won me over when I first heard of Jennifer Lynn UV gel nail polish“instant” and “permanent.”  And with my high maintenance nail polish issue, I can’t be blamed! 😛 When my dear friend, Iris recommended Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio, I headed right there after I got discharged from my 6 days hospital confinement. I know! I did not have time anymore after that, save for the packing and the last minute shopping for our then upcoming week long trip.

My nail polish did last me three weeks. Yay! Now I’m looking forward to my next visit to Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio and with mother’s day fast approaching, grab a couple of GCs for some of my mommy friends. Pampering GCs are perfect mother in law gifts too! Maybe we can even have some sparty on our special day! 🙂

Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio
59 Road 3 Project 6, 1100 Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. 586.2469|384.3665


  1. Hello Jennifer
    I didn’t know you were in the hospital. Are you ok? I hope everything is well.
    BTW, we have the same Fitflops ; p


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