Paintings from Tran Phu District 5, HCMC

Last Monday, April 2, was our last day at HCMC. Being pretty satisfied with our vacation. Unlike our previous ones, most of which did not last more than three days. I was ready to just wait until we need to check out. But since we still have a few more hours to kill, hubby and I decided to go to Tran Phu, District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam while our son was taking a nap.  The beauty of traveling with family! We left him with my folks. 🙂

Mrs. Martinez‘s blog posts about Vietnam came in really handy! Super thanks, Michelle! We pretty much walked quite a bit as we checked out several paintings from one store to the other. We first thought, we’d have to let this one pass. Since we already have quite a bit of things to bring with us back home. Jed even wanted to get a set like that of Simmons Drums. But we doubt that all our luggage will be covered by the limit.

Back to Tran Phu, it was one whole row of painting stores. My hubby chose between a music themed painting and one that has a touch of Vietnam in it. We chose the latter with a Vietnamese girl on the country’s traditional sailing boat. It is pretty but we’ll have to get that framed soon. Will update this post with the framed piece. 🙂

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