Dilemma: What to give your guy

The dilemma of not knowing what to give your guy can be the most frustrating thing. There are but so many occasions that I have defaulted on him (read: zero gift) because of this very reason. But when I went to step back a bit, I saw that the essential thing to ask yourself is what is your guy’s passion? Mine is music.

So I figured I will buy Two Rock Amplifiers for his upcoming birthday. It took me a decade to figure this out. For one, I’m sure I can’t go wrong with the brand that I will choose. I have this knack of getting the best brands as I spare no stone when I search for reviews before I purchase any gadget. Here’s hoping I’ll get to surprise the hubby with the amp I have in mind. 🙂


  1. Ooohh… Nice choice! I bet my hubs would love those amplifiers as well. I switch between gaming stuff and music stuff every year on his birthday. They’re what he loves best, and I’ve yet to run out of ideas. Guys can be pretty expensive to shop for. LOL!

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