Hongkong’s Renowned Stylist Gary Sun Joins Ystilo Salon

Gary Sun made a name in the Hong Kong fashion industry after topping the Avante Garde Category of Hairdressing back in 2002. Ten years after, he is still making waves and he is still one of the most sought after hairstylists in Hong Kong. He is so good that he made it to international fashion shows by Gucci, YSL and Barney Cheng. Not counting his print exposures on Elle, B International, Ming Po Weekly, amongst other prestigious publications.

Ystilo Salon held a workshop last month by no less than Gary Sun for their Senior Stylists and some of us bloggers got to have a sneak peek.  Vina Morales, one of the owners of Ystilo Salon was there with us and was very accommodating to us bloggers. The Hairstyling Demonstration was held at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan.

Vina was with her pretty “mini me”, Ceana. That girl is just adorbs! Look how game she is to tandem pose with her Rocking Momma Vina! đŸ™‚

Gary Sun working it.

Gary Sun did his thing with precision every time. And for every single model he had sit on that chair, it was always unique and surprisingly fitted the person’s general look. He was there for hours on end. For a while, I thought, “isn’t he having a bathroom break, at least.”  Gary Sun is so good, that’s one thing for sure. The dedication and the focus. Two things that’s hard not to notice. It is definitely more than just his pneumatic tools of his trade. He has gained such skill throughout these years! It’s impressive how Ystilo Salon is leveling up through the addition of Gary Sun now being Ystilo’s Technical Consultant.

I can only wish I had decent pictures of the after product of Gary Sun’s hairstyling demonstration that day. The models walked the runway way too fast. Meanwhile, above is a photo of us bloggers with the super friendly, Vina Morales and her cutie patootsie, pretty Ceana.

Ystilo Salon is treading the foreign shores through franchising.  There will be a grand re-launch before the year ends as they go beyond their very apt tagline, “Go for the great salon experience.”

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  1. Swexie says:

    I wish I could have my hair cut by Gary. I haven’t had a good hair cut since the parlor I used to go shut down.

  2. peachkins says:

    ang cute ni vina and her daughter! And cute nyo din nila Iris at Mauie, terno!

  3. Maria Teresa says:

    With Mr. Gary Sun as the technical consultant of Ystilo, I’m sure this will mean more customers for Vina’s salon.

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