Our Nuat Thai Libis Spa Indulgence Experience

 As I have shared in my previous spa posts, one of the many things the hubby and I love to do once in every while is to get massages. We love Nuat Thai Libis more than because of its proximity to our place.  Most photos in this post were taken during our second visit.

Scents to choose from: Lavender, Green Tea and Eucalyptus

I always choose lavender every single time. There’s something calming about lavender that I believe so reinforces the whole idea of having massages. Like it ushers me through my olfactory sense to relaxation bliss.

The hallway that led us to the area where our feet were washed clean.

The perfect nook that welcomed our tired feet, getting us ready for our 1 hour foot massage heaven.

The concoction that was slathered through our feet. 

The foot massage chairs where we spent a full hour of massage zeroed in on our feet. Something that an overworked-all-around-work-from-home-mom-with-no-househelp can really make use of. And yes, that’s me.

My hubby and I having a blissful time getting our feet pampered for a full hour. Another thing I love about Nuat Thai are those nifty warm herbal stuff they place around our shoulders as we were having our feet massaged.

After an hour of relaxing foot massage (P250), we both were ushered to our respective cubicles for our 1 and 1/2 hours of aromatherapy massage (P550). The perfect spa tandem for that ultimate spa experience. It was last year when we chanced upon Nuat Thai Libis when we were looking for something similiar to customsigns from signsforanything.com. We tried it that first time and we just kept coming back. We always have to make sure to call for our schedule because they are almost always packed. Which I think by that alone says a lot about this spa place. 🙂

Nuat Thai Libis
2/F #90 E.Rodriguez Jr. Ave. QC (Across Shopwise)
Tel. (02)477.5004
Open Daily from 12:00NN to 2:00AM


  1. Mauie says:

    The place looks similar to the branch we have here in Pasig. Which reminds me, the husband still owes me a Nuat Thai date!

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