Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath: Because Mommies need pampering too

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a kikay. Yes, that’s way before I became a mommy. Although responsibilities and chores have piled up hand in hand with motherhood, I believe that mommies should never neglect taking care of themselves. This is when taking care of yourself goes beyond just being vain. You are actually doing it for your loved ones.

A woman is a woman, whether she’s single, a wife, a mother or a grandma. She will always have this innate need to be pampered one way or another. While a handful lot will have to be sacrificed for many mommies, one thing we should always take time to do is to nourish our skin. This, I do with Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath. My initial discovery of Johnson’s Baby Milk was when my son was still a baby. Because it was a staple in his bath time, I thought of using it when my bath soap ran out. I loved how soft my skin was after bath that I hardly need to apply lotion after. And when it comes to applying lotion, I have not always been very religious (but am trying to get into that habit now). This has made Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath my best bath buddy since. 🙂

A good bath after a hard day’s work with Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath is the one thing I look forward to every day. As a work from home mom, my schedule can actually go crazy. Contrary to what people might think how it can be a breeze. It’s a whole different story when you have no helper with you. From doing all my online tasks as a freelance virtual assistant, homeschooling and the house chores, you can just imagine how tired I look at the end of the day – not one bit of a glam thread in me. But that feeling all goes away after every bath. There’s something about soft, well-nourished skin.

Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath and Lotion having Nutrient Plus supplies my skin with milk proteins and Vitamins A and E that regular soap don’t have. Did you know that you can get a hold of free samples of Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath and Lotion? Visit your nearest Watsons branch to find out how.  For more information, head on over to Johnson’s Baby Philippines on Facebook.

*This is a sponsored post.


  1. marina canonigo says:

    Hi im your product user since my young age until now with my own kids. Hoping you can give a free samples of your products.
    Thanks. Have a great days

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