Sulit Clique’s 1st Bloggers Event held their very first blogger event last October 24, 2012 at Spicy Fingers in Greenbelt 2, Makati City. We arrived a little early and we were able to meet the people behind the big name “Sulit.”  Not a lot of brands still do that  nowadays. And that’s something that I personally appreciate about the event itself. Which draws me to start this post with a shout out of Thanks to the people behind Sulit!!! Almost everyone from the Sulit team took time to sit with us. Even the Sulit founder himself, RJ David was gracious and very approachable. Bloggers can make use of that special treatment from time to time. Thanks so much! It was a fun night!

The event was hosted by the gorgeous RX 93.1’s DJ Gelli Victor. Me-Ann Bundalian, the Marketing Head of Sulit and Jean Nery Magboo, Sulit’s Corporate Communications Supervisor also gave us  some backgrounder of and snippets of what we should expect throughout the night. Founder, Mr. RJ David

The geniuses behind are RJ and Arianne David. They started out SULIT right in their home and basically as an experiment in September 2006 as a free online classified ads website. I have a lot of respect for people who think outside the box and act on their guts. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arianne David, Founders of

The experimental website transitioned to a full blast business venture under the corporate name Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises, Inc. in January 2008.

Since then, has been committed to providing advertisers and consumers with an online platform that constantly innovates and keeps up with the demands of the growing and changing market. Mr. RJ David is also an awardee of PLDT Bossing 2012 and Go Negosyo’s 50 Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs in 2011.  Wow! Which really are not very surprising because they have practically conquered the online classified ads industry in the six years that has existed. Awards

There definitely is something that is doing right in all  its 6 years of existence. The stats are hands down outstanding!

How about being amongst the Top 10 sites in the Philippines? If you will notice, is the sole domain that originates locally.

Flip that Tarp Game

Meanwhile, during the Sulit Clique event, bloggers were asked to group into three with 5 members each. It helped a ton that we know a handful of very competitive bloggers in our network and we won the game! More than the prize! That was such a fun game. I wouldn’t have thought I have survived it. My dear readers know so well that my sense of balance (or lack of it)  isn’t exactly something that I can be proud of. Haha! 🙂

Now, we all know that fun always come with good food. I seriously had to restrain myself from doing a second round. Else all my “hip hop abs” effort will all go to waste like that! Those “Sulit” colored cupcakes by Cupcake Lab are delightful.

Mr. RJ David awarded Blanca of her spanking new iPad!

A spanking new iPad was raffled off and Blanca of was the recipient! I just learned about her husband passing away with a promise to her that he will get her an iPad soon. That did not happen before he breathed his last. But things came together and it  didn’t take long until she received it. What affirmation of a kept promise! Beyond the iPad’s material worth, it was the comfort that I can only imagine, it must have brought Blanca that night. My sincerest sympathy, Blanca. May your heart be comforted. Thanks to Sulit for being instrumental to such gesture. Not everyone gets to have that privilege! And super duper congratulations, Blanca on your new iPad! I am one to believe that nothing  happens by accident. That iPad has your name written on it from the start.

Sulit Cliquers

Kikay Corner, PinayAds and Girl Kuripot 

Thank you again, Sulit, for such a fun night! It was lovely catching up with blogger friends as we enjoyed great food and company and to finally meet the people behind the very successful, #1 Online Classified Ads in the
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  2. Blanca says:

    Thanks Jennie for the mention! Dare I say the tickets for the Trip for 2 to HK has your name written on them too? 😀 Nice post, goodluck!:)

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