Refractive, Lasik, Cataract Surgery at QC Eye Center and Manila Vision Correction Center

I am blessed to still have a 20/20 vision at 36 years old. But fact is, vision changes throughout the seasons of our lives. My mom started wearing spectacles after she turned 54,  my father,  around my age. But he now happily sports a 20/20 vision once again after he has undergone cataract surgery with a very reliable eye doctor, Dr. Archie Agahan of Q.C. Eye Center.

I have a handful of friends who have undergone Lasik Surgery and have improved their quality of life almost as soon as they have recovered from surgery, which is usually just a few weeks after. The very reason why I will not hesitate undergoing Lasik Surgery myself in the event that my sense of sight will fail me, hopefully, not in the near future.

I had my father undergo Cataract Surgery under Dr. Archie Agahan’s care. The operation was performed in QC Eye Center. His first surgery was for his right eye, which was practically blind. A fact I only learned about when he tripped during our Mekong Delta tour in Vietnam, March of this year.

When it comes to having medical procedures done, it is always important that you know who you go to. My own father has gone twice under Dr. Archimedes Lee D. Agahan‘s care. Papa’s first eye surgery with him was in July (right eye) and the most recent was last October 2012, for his left eye.

Dr. Archie Agahan during eye operation

A few backgrounder about Dr. Archie Agahan and his specialization:

  • Doctor of Medicine-UP College of Medicine 1995-2000
  • Residency Training in Ophthalmology – UP-PGH 2001-2003
  • Fellowship Training in Cornea, External Eye Diseases, Uveitis – UP-PGH 2004
  • Master in Ocular Surface, Uveitis, and Refractive Surgery – University of Valladolid, Spain – 2005- 2006

Dr. Archie Agahan has been practicing since 2006 and has done over a thousand of refractive surgeries in his career.  Yes, even this I had to know to make sure my father is in good hands. 🙂

As for the lasik surgeries he has done over the years, his track record shows that after a month of lasik surgery done on the patient, over 95% of his patients have a vision of 20/40 or better. While my father underwent a different procedure, which is cataract surgery, as I earlier mentioned, he now enjoys a 20/20 vision. 🙂

A patient undergoes screening before any eye surgery procedure. For Lasik, screening is a series of exams that are performed to check if the patient is a good or poor candidate. During the Lasik procedure,  a flap is performed using a microkeratome. The flap is lifted and LASIK is performed using the machine. The flap is then returned and allowed to dry and heal on its own.

What to expect after Lasik Surgery?
Dr. Archie Agahan: Slightly blurred vision, tearing, foreign body sensation, sandy feeling in the eyes. Down time is 8-12 hours.

Here are some of the reasons why people with less than perfect vision should get a lasik surgery:

1. Prescription glasses do not always provide  perfect vision.

2. Glasses defeats the purpose of prettifying yourself when you wear eye make up. As vain as it may sound, this is actually one of the reasons my good friend, Iris of underwent lasik surgery herself. 😉

3. Admit it or not, if you are at the mercy of your spectacles, whatever is going to happen if you lost them in the woods when you go camping?

4. How about wanting to have a perfect vision, just because. 🙂

For more information regarding Refractive, Cataract or Lasik Surgery, you may call (+632) 3720828 or visit Dr. Archie Agahan’s office at the following locations.

QC Eye Center
Anita Building Quezon Avenue
Corner Timog Avenue
Schedule: Saturday A.M.

Manila Vision Correction Center
3rd Floor, Robinson’s Place
Manila, Pedro Gil Wing
Schedule: Saturday P.M.


  1. Swexie says:

    I admit that I want to have lasik surgery before i turn 40. I’m currently wearing glasses and I am not comfortable wearing contact lenses. It feels so tiis-ganda not wearing any eyeglasses when I’m in parties specially when I’m wearing eye make up.

  2. Kai de la Cruz says:

    Hi! Does Dr. Agahan performs all the procedures on lasik surgery? Or other doctors too?

  3. Samatha says:

    Hi, how much it cost for the cataract surgery?

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