SULIT Ang Bagong Style

When I found out recently that my sister and her husband got their good as new Honda Civic with only 24k mileage from, I kind of wished we checked out “Sulit Cars” first before we bought a brand new car.

My sister and brother in law’s 2008 Honda Civic bought via Sulit Cars. is a treasure trove! That car is more than a year old now and to date, they never had any issue with it.

Sulit’s Seller Feedback Badge vouches for the seller and from herewhich prospective buyers can gauge the reliability of the seller. A feature all buyers can make use of, don’t you think? Now we don’t have to be clueless when we do our online transactions! I am totally convinced that Sulit is the one place I am going to check out for basically everything. Even my favorite kikay brands are available online through Sulit! Sweet! 🙂

And because I am stoked and would love to go visit Hongkong again with the hubby soon, (our last Hongkong Getaway was for our 10th anniversary last December 2011), I recreated Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style for as my entry for their contest for their Sulit Cliquers. Now, if there is anything I have in common with the hubby, it is our love for music. Although, I can only wish to be half as musical as my hubby is,  who incidentally blogs via, I love it enough that we blend as we sing our songs. And because of that, Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style will not be spared.  Haha! Sing along with me and feel free to dance, while you’re at it! 🙂

SULIT ang Bagong Style music video by from Jennifer Aspacio on Vimeo.

SULIT Ang Bagong Style

Laging online, nagpo-promote ng binibenta
Lahat ng social networks sinalihan mo nang bongga
Gamit a-ng ‘yong PC di natulog, so puyat ka
Tama na! Join! Bagong style na!

Yan ang Sulit yeah!
K’ng may buyer ka’t bebenta check mo nga ay Sulit yeah!
Maraming choice of buyers, one shot selling Sulit yeah!
Sulit dot com dot ph, register na sana yeah!
Go to Sulit, yeah!

Forums, free ads, jobs, buy and sell, and more
Sure dito. Hey! Trustworthy ‘to. Hey!
Events announcements, lupa at auto!
Sigurado ‘to. Hey! Sa Sulit go. Hey!
Hanap, usap, deal. Ano ang hanap mo?

SULIT ang bagong style!
Ano hanap mo?
Ops ops ops ops SULIT ang bagong style!
Ano hanap mo?
Ops ops ops ops SULIT ang bagong style!

Hey~ Search na daily
Ops ops ops ops SULIT ang bagong style!
Hey~ Search na daily
Ops ops ops ops
Eh eh eh eh eh eh
SULIT ang bagong style!

Coming up with the lyrics to replace Psy’s original words of the song took me days. It’s a matter of working on every line and endlessly thinking of words that will rhyme and have the same syllabication from its original music. Para swak! Then remade the music from scratch via our ever trusty Garage Band app on iPad. It did not take a lot of nudging, and the hubby agreed to sing and record the remade song for me. Only because I promised-crossed-my-heart-hope-to-die that it will be the best 11th anniversary present he could give me! I have the best hubby in the whole wide world! And we’re celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary on December 8, 2012!!!  It has been our bonding project in the last couple of weeks! So whether I bag that Hongkong trip or not, the fun we had working on this little project of ours was all so worth it!  Thanks to Sulit for coming up with this contest. 🙂

With or without this contest, I honestly will still encourage people to check out – just because I witnessed for myself a first hand experience of how a buyer can actually get value for his money when my sister and her hubby, Ted (cellist of, bought their 2008 Honda Civic with a mileage of 24k at only P550k  last year. 🙂

Another neat feature of is that members can avail of Sulit Gold.

As you can see, more than this site being a beauty and lifestyle blog, I also do online selling. Check out the pages here, up on the header where customers go to buy Human Nature products and Organic Thanakha. Although I have my share of  regular and returning customers, I honestly believe I can do better. I am going to so maximize my online selling strategies and make use of this very soon! 🙂

Here are the perks of Sulit Gold:

If you’re a Sulit member, Sulit Gold is your golden ticket to better ads exposure, more customers, and greater sales that will surely boost up your business in no time!

Sulit Gold (SG) is used to purchase features and services being provided by

Sulit Gold (SG) is a paid virtual currency which members can buy from

Sulit Gold is designed to revolutionize the way we advertise and promote our products, services, or business on

Now you guys have to agree with me…

…Sulit ang Bagong Style!
Instagram: Sulit


  1. I find them kind of spammy because on several occasions I searched for something they would always come up even if there’s no relevant connection to what I’m searching for and even if they don’t actually have it. :/

  2. Pepper Tan says:

    Excellent job with the song :). That alone makes you already a winner. Good luck!

    I have yet to make my first Sulit purchase. But I do find nearly everything I need on Sulit.

  3. i haven’t tried that yet, i am afraid to make some transactions via online, due to some security reasons.

  4. Algene says:

    Advance happy anniversary sa inyo ni best husband mo! Natuwa ako sa lyrics ng song. Hahaha:)

  5. John James Antonio says:

    I certainly Agree with Rowena, they are polluting the search results especially google. Nawawala ang credibility ng search dahil sa kanila. I hope that google philippines could be intelligent enough on filtering their results.

  6. cherie says:

    pinoy talaga mahilig sa plagiarism. nagpapaalam ba kayo kay Psy dito? o talagang idol niyo si Senator Sotto?

  7. says:

    Hello, Kikay Corner!

    Thank you very much for this creative feature! We really appreciate all the effort you’ve put into this. 🙂

    Furthermore, if it’s not too much to ask, can we upload this video to our social media pages? We’ll be waiting for your response!


  8. Oh, this reminds me that I haven’t visited sulit for a while now. Wah. I better check this out!

  9. admin says:


    Thank you for the affirmation! 🙂 Yes, you have my permission to upload this anywhere you guys want. I made the video downloadable. 🙂

  10. says:

    Hello Kikay Corner!

    Got that! Thank you for your immediate response! 🙂


  11. Ria C says: is really a great site with myriad of classified ads to check. I always frequent that site even if I’m not seriously considering any purchase of real estate or anything there. It’s just a nice way to get idea on how much some commodities fetch this time so I’ll have an idea by the time I come home for good.

    I think it’s really a wise move to check out classified ads that are reliable like before you plunge into a major purchase like a vehicle or house or any property. You may just get lucky with a good deal!

  12. admin says:

    Hello Cherie/Hazel Lirio and Ana dela Rosa,

    Not sure how I’ll address you. You used different names, email and FB accounts on Facebook with the exact message. But what’s certain is the IP tagged with your name on your comment here. 🙂

    As I commented on FB, words used in this parody are all mine and full credits were given at Vimeo where the video was uploaded. And the song was not even full length, at that. Even YouTube allows that, tayo pa diba, na mere netizens. 🙂 (I only used about 40% of the song and the video was even less than that)

    “It’s possible that you may be permitted to include small excerpts from copyrighted material in your video…” — YouTube

    Just to clear the air, the song used in the video was not claimed to be mine so there isn’t any plagiarism involved. This is why I said credits were given. Again, the words are original, the music was a cover using Garage Band app on my iPad. I did not even use a minus one (which would have been more convenient).

    As for your point about whether it’s okay to use the song that is not anyone’s problem but mine, kung pumayag man o magalit ang may-ari. We are all, of course, entitled to our own opinion on this. Salamat po sa concern. 🙂

  13. Ane says:

    Advance Happy anniversary to you both! 🙂

    My brother in law had a bad experience with, he bought a DSLR there and was never given the camera, although he gave half of the cash already, after that he never heard from the seller again, I think he reported it, but that has been almost 2 years ago, and still no results, he hasn’t gotten his money.. I do shop online, but have not tried to buy from Sulit, only from reputable stores and only if shipping fee is waived, which usually is when you shop more than $100 worth. 😀

  14. Aggie says:

    WOW! that is such a great deal. i would definitely let my husband know of Sulit!
    And I hope you win!

  15. Lainy says:

    Ang galing- galing naman ng remake nong Gangnam style, Sis! Natuwa ako, hehehe! I haven’t tried out Sulit just yet but because of this post, I am going to head on at their site and have a check. Advance Happy Anniversary sa inyo ni Darling Hubs mo, Sis. Hope you get the HK trip that you wish for.

    Love and Hugs!

  16. betchai says:

    wow, that looks like brand new definitely, and good that they still have no issues with the car.

  17. gracia says:

    with a song..that made Sulit very interesting…I’ve checked Sulit before and they have cool stuff

  18. cheerful says:

    wow, they got a good deal…:) your so talented and creative in making that song. goodluck sa contest, hope you’ll get that HK trip prize. 🙂 advance happy anniversary na din.

  19. Sulit is really helpful now in a lot of ways. We just have to make sure that the seller is legit or not. Same with other shopping sites like AyosDito, eBay and a lot more! 🙂

  20. blankPixels says:

    Oh gosh, I love it!! Great job with the lyrics! And I think this was sang pretty well!

    This is one entry that’s worth supporting. Woohoo! What else can I do to support this entry? :))

  21. admin says:

    Repost from Mr. RJ David, Founder of Ms. Anna (who represents herself as “Cherie” in her comment here), thank you very much for your concern. To answer your concern regarding this video, please be advised that Psy already waived the copyright of his song and the corresponding music video to allow anybody to use it. This has actually resulted to thousands of parodies (like this one) which helped him to become more popular (wise move).

    As of now, YG Entertainment holds the trademark for “Gangnam Style” but the copyrights for both the song and music video have already been waived.

    I hope that already clears the concerns.

    More details here:

  22. papaleng says:

    Very handy ang sa amin. I have purchased our second-hand freezer there. Madalas, tumitingin din ako doon ng Doggie for sale. Kahit second-hand lang. LOL

  23. the video is cool..:)

  24. Chie says:

    Tawang tawa lang ako sa video. Haha! Galing kumanta ni Kuya Jeff! 🙂 Congrats sa trip to HK.

  25. Gen says:

    Congratulations Ms. Jennifer for winning Sulit Clique Blog Contest ~
    You deserve it! ^_^

  26. Blanca says:

    See i told you, the trip tickets have you and your husband’s names written on them. Congratulations! You deserved it!:)

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