CRSmas Bazaar: Shop, Eat and Love at the UP Balay Kalinaw

Be ready to SHOP at your favorite online stores, EAT your merry hearts out and give LOVE during the most wonderful time of the year at the CRSmas Bazaar: Shop, Eat and Love on December 13, 2012, Thursday from 9am-6pm, at the UP Balay Kalinaw.

Nothing beats retail therapy for a cause, right? I might just drop by this place on the 13th. Hopefully, I will get an easy printed koozies knock-off I’m planning to giveaway for the holidays. 🙂

Don’t forget, CRSmas Bazaar: Shop, Eat and Love this coming Thursday,  December 13, 2012.


  1. Gene says:

    Why are the coolest bazaar so far from us? The near ones have conflicting schedule. 🙁

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