Lock & Lock Opens Flagship Store in BF Homes Paranaque (and some beauty finds!)

Lock & Lock recently launched another flagship store down south of Metro Manila – the BF Homes Parañaque branch. After years of using the brand, it was only last year that I found out that Lock & Lock is more than just a food storage solution brand. These days not only moms like me are particular about the stuff we use. Lock & Lock being BisFree is an edge in itself. Their products being affordable makes it even better. 🙂

Make Up Brushes

During Lock & Lock’s BF Homes Paranaque Flagship store opening, I was able to spot some stuff I did not expect (but happy) to see in the store  — Make Up Brushes!!!! I was meaning to get one of those fan brushes before leaving the store but it totally slipped my mind.  The Fan Make Up Brush only retails for P299.75. 🙂

Spotted in the same corner were Boar Bristle Hair Brush for only P149.75, makeup sponges, atomizers, cuticle remover tool, makeup brushes, et.al.! I remember buying my first boar bristle brush 20 years ago for P400!  How about Spoolies for P99.75!

Eyelash Curler

 I can go visit Lock & Lock to buy stuff for my family and buy a replacement of my sponges and other make up stuff I need on the side. How convenient is that? But these cosmetic section of Lock & Lock, I still have to try. I won’t be surprised if they further expand in the future and make available dvd duplication items and other electronics. Given the reputation that Lock & Lock has earned, I think these stuff are also worth trying. 🙂

Now I have more reasons to go frequent Lock & Lock. 🙂

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