Nature Republic: The New (Korean) Make Up, Skin Care Brand in Town

Nature Republic

As my readers would have noticed by now, my preference, when it comes to skin care brands, are always towards the natural ones. I have used a few Korean brands to date but Nature Republic is by far, my favorite from the bunch. It is also considered one of the Korea’s fastest growing skin care and cosmetic brands.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

What I truly love about Nature Republic is that they are known for using only the best natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. This brand employs the latest technology to come up with the finest products unsurpassed by others.

Nature Republic Aqua Max Moisture

One of Nature Republic’s pride is the Super Aqua Max Line. This line is composed of super hydrating gel type creams formulated with seaweed extract and Sapporo water from Japan. The oily skin formula contains 30 kinds of pure maritime plants that deliver immediate hydrated purification with no sticky feeling. The dry skin formula feels like putting on a 24 hour hydration mask while the one for combination skin refreshes the face’s T-Zone and moisturizes the U-zone. It creates a thin layer on the face for protection against the environment and to maintain moisture.

The Super Aqua Max Soothing Balm comes in a convenient stick form. It is infused with sea water, enriched with minerals and leaves the skin hydrated for seamless make-up application. Use it before or after make-up application. It has a rich yet lightweight formula that continuously releases moisture, skin conditioners and nutrients throughout the day. Use it from head to toe for spot treatment of dry areas.

Collagen Dream Trial Kit

Please stay tuned for my review of Nature Republic’s Collagen Dream Kit. This is on queue and is up next as soon as my Kiehl’s Acai Damage Correcting Moisturizer runs out. I am pretty excited about this kit since its formula zeroes in on wrinkle fighting and whitening. It uses highly concentrated soluble collage water and SYNiorage, an active peptide that gives mature skin radiance and firmness. It has Acai Berry rich in Omega 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E. It contains Orange Water from Italy which is abundant in vitamins and minerals.

Nature Republic Snail Therapy

Snail Therapy, anyone? Apparently, the Snail Therapy line of Nature Republic is its most premium line. It contains replicated snail mucus that provides skin whitening, restores tissue, fights wrinkles, lessens scarring and promotes overall skin recovery. It contains arbutin that enhances whitening and adenosine that reduces wrinkling, roughness and dryness. It has a clean, pleasant smell and light, creamy texture perfect for use during the day or night.

Nature Republic Cell Boosting Homme

Cell Boosting Homme is an anti-aging care line for men. It regenerates cells to boost elasticity thus preventing wrinkles. The toner has a dual effect as a moisturizer and a soothing after shave. The emulsion has a velvety soft texture with no sticky residue. It contains orchid callus stem cell extract as an anti-oxidant plus fermented medicinal mushrooms to enhance skin elasticity.

Collagen HD Blusher

Another product I’m loving is Nature Republic’s Collagen HD Blusher.  This blusher is formulated with 8ppm triple collagen complex.

Another thing that sets Nature Republic above all other brands is their use of MD or Medicinal Water. As we all know a good percentage of cosmetic brands use water in their formulation. While other brands use tap water, Nature Republic uses no less than this pristine water that they source from all over the world. Apparently, Medicinal Water has has been proven to provide phenomenal effects to the human body.

Nature Republic can be found in the 3rd Level of SM North EDSA The Block, Ground Floor of SM Fairview, 4/F Mega Atrium in SM Megamall, Festival Supermall and Landmark, Makati.


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