Spa at Home and De-stressing through Music

Because I am practically glued at home most days because of the construction supervision I have been doing these past weeks, I am left to figure out how to clone spa at our current living quarters and de-stress through music.

microcomputer massage cushionmicrocomputer massage cushion

With some spa basics I have back home plus the Microcomputer Massage Cushion I invested in last year for more than $512, cloning a spa should be easy. I have some aromatherapy stuff I can set up to complete the feel partnered with Gretsch playing on the background at 30-60 beats per minute. I can also turn choose to turn my spa music on.

It is nice not to have to leave my sanctuary to have to de-stress. Because the fact of the matter is, when I have to leave the house to go to a spa place, I will have to hassle myself through traffic and commute, why bother when I could have it right at home.

Spa at Home is best with music to reduce stress, induce sleep and experience therapeutic massage even through my own microcomputer massage cushion. A good investment that can last me years. 🙂

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