The best spring sporting looks

Summer is here and with it comes the pressure to start eating healthily and get back in shape. One of the best ways to feel motivated and inspired to achieve your fitness goals is to update your workout wardrobe.

Here’s a look at some of the best sporting looks to help you get back on the treadmill and feeling fit and fabulous.

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Forget tracksuit bottoms and shorts, leggings are the most comfortable and wearable workout clothing available. Most good quality running tights or leggings are made from fabric which creates a cooling effect on your skin and removes sweat.

Leggings also don’t have to be super tight across your entire leg. There are also three quarter length options with a range of contrast panel and stripe detailing to choose from for those looking for something a little different to the traditional plain black pair.


One of the biggest hurdles you can face when tackling your fitness goals (apart from junk food of course) is an injury. Not warming and cooling your muscles well enough before and after a work out is one of the biggest contributors to sport injuries.

In order to avoid this, in addition to stretching, try to wear a comfortable tracksuit before and after sport. Brands like adidas originals offer a great selection of casual and stylish tracksuits that will help you get outdoors and exercising with confidence.


Running and exercising with badly fitting or unsupportive shoes not only makes achieving your fitness goals difficult, it can also make them potentially dangerous.

It’s always worthwhile to go to a footwear store and have your shoes fitted specifically for your exercise needs. Using foot measuring technology, these stores are able to detect which part of your foot experiences the most strain and wear during a run. They can then match you up with a shoe that helps counter any potential damage caused by your running style.


Smartphone users should be sure to check out the latest exercise apps for new workout ideas, inspiration and ways to improve your technique. The Nike Training Club App is a great example, offering over 85 exclusive club workouts to choose from.

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