Sophia Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen

As far as I have known, I am not what you may consider blessed in the the eyebrow and eyelash department. Sparse and few – two words. When eyelash extensions started to sprout some years back, I jumped at the chance – I blogged about my “Betty Boop lashes” in 2009. I believe the brand used human hair wigs, which was good. But it was the medical grade glue’s fumes that irritated my eyes. I lost lashes too many since – my poor already sparse and few soul windows. I bought home with me Enormous Lash the year after. Because inasmuch as I love to make honest reviews, I did not get that post updated because it triggered eye problems, including ultra dry eyes and my having to wear multi-coated spectacles.

Sophia Eyelash EnhancerSophia Eyelash Enhancer unboxed

The leaflet says that the package contains:  Sophia Solution 5ml, Eye Lubricant, Reusable Applicator Brush. I’m not sure why my package lacked the eye lubricant. Good thing I do not have the need for it (yet). 🙂

So when Saladbox sent over its December bunch, I wasn’t too thrilled to try Sophia Eyelash Enhancer all too soon. Probably because of the not so good Enormous Lash experience I previously had. But I jumped right to it the night I met the lovely beauty bloggers during the Virginia Olsen Summer Collection launch, at least half of them totally swore by Sophia! I saw for myself their lashes and they were grown and thick all right. Three weeks since I started using Sophia Eyelash Enhancer, I love that, first, there is no irritation like I had with getting extensions nor the using the Enormous Lash. Second, it turns out I have lashes after all. They are not grown and thick just yet. And my eyebrows are way thicker than they used to be! To think that I have not been very religious in applying. I have always known I am designed to use all-natural products! Sophia Eyelash Enhancer has all-natural botanicals for its ingredients. Sweet! 🙂

sophia eyelash enhancer summer promo

Incidentally, Virginia Olsen has this ongoing summer promo. The FDA-approved Sophia Eyelash Enhancer is now selling for P899 (approx. $22) until May 31, 2013. Regular price is at P2,750.

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