Thiocell Lozenges Glutathione Supplement by Brady Pharma Inc.

I’m sure you think you’ve heard enough of different brands of Glutathione, but here’s something worth a close second look – Thiocell Glutathione Lozenges. This package arrived over the weekend with a basket full of fruits, on Mother’s Day, at that! Thank you, Brady Pharma, Inc.! You know best how to treat a mommy recuperating from illness!  I used to the fruits to make our fruits shakes. I loved the kiwis the best! 😀

I have been regularly taking another glutathione supplement primarily because I need to ensure my liver’s health. My allergic medication has compelled me to regularly take antihistamine on a daily basis and glutathione acts as the liver’s detoxifier. As for the supposed skin whitening side effect, I was not really so gung-ho for. As for the supplements I have been taking, I really have not seen much of a difference. Let’s see, now that I switched to Thiocell. After that Batangas sun soaking I did last month, I really would love to get my color back. 🙂

Now, if I happen to sound a little Greek from here. You see, I have kind of done my assignment. I have not really exactly been the healthiest individual in the planet. Having to deal with chronic allergies here and there and have one birthday in a hospital bed, believe me when I say, I know what I’m saying. This is what basically pushes me to pursue a healthier lifestyle.
thiocell glutathione lozenge
And when I found out that Glutathione is essentially a triple threat to bodily toxins beyond detoxifying the liver, it also neutralizes free radicals and enhances the immune system. Thiocell also is beneficial for diabetic patients with fatty liver. Thiocell does not contain alcohol or animal products and contains no added sugar, starch, wheat, preservatives or artificial flavor.
And as for that close second look, Thiocell  first got me interested because unlike every other Glutathione supplement I have encountered, this one is in lozenge type. That goes out to favor my sweet tooth. 🙂

What is even more interesting is its being packed with “guaranteed” 500mg glutathione in every lozenge and its promise to be the most effective in whitening and anti-aging because of its unique combination of selenium, glutathione, and vitamin C. This unique combination replenishes the glutathione levels in the body and maintains it. Thiocell is in chewable Lozenges, which ensures that the glutathione is absorbed through the oral cavity instead of in the stomach, thereby ensuring faster and maximum absorption.

Thiocell Glutathione Active Ingredients:
1. L-glutathione 500 mg
2. Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 100 mg
3. Grape Seed extract 25 mg
4. Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 200 i.u.
5. Vitamin E (as alpha-tocopheryl succinate) 30 i.u.
6. L-selenomethionine 100 mcg

The grape flavour of Thiocell Glutathione lozenges supplement makes it pleasurable to dissolve in the mouth. Thiocell Glutathione lozenges supplement retails for P2,400 (approx.$60). Each bottle contains 30 chewable tablets. Exclusively distributed by Brady Pharma Inc.

Brady Pharma Inc.


  1. Lea says:

    Hi gorgeous, it’s really nice that you have shared your review about this supplement. I haven’t tried any of the brands of glutathione due to many reasons. I might try taking it one day since I have heard a lot of positive feed back about it. Nice blog! Cheers!

  2. Reej says:

    Ya, it seems like this is good, I’ve also heard positive feedbacks about this. I have to try this. Actually, I have been taking Heliocare capsules as my doctor recommended me but when i got back to her office to buy for more, the stock were all out. Thus, she recommended me this Thiocell. It’s kind a bit expensive but that doesn’t matter anymore if the result will speak more than its price. 🙂

    There are no other way to get whiter and healthier if we don’t take a risk and try doing anything BUT as regards to something that we have to take in we MUST do a double check. Researching is very important to know more about the products. So far this one is good for it has many benifits.

  3. Ayeng says:

    Hi. May I know where did you buy Theocell? Is it available at leading pharmacies?

  4. Kikaysikat says:

    I’m curious about this Lozenges. It’s the first time I’ve heard of this.

  5. digna says:

    I’ll try it too. Maybe it will lighten my freckles?!

  6. April says:

    are there 2 distributions of this product? one bottle says “premium whitening” and some bottles say, “master antioxidant”

  7. Miriiam alfaro lapid says:

    Where can i order thiocell? Is it available over the counter at any drug stores

  8. Esmerlyn bayangan says:

    Is it available in mercury drugs or watson?

  9. Roxam says:

    Is it safe for people who have Thyroid problem?

  10. leilani misola says:

    Comment…i have hyperthyroidism…i to know how thiocell can help me or will this make my condition worst? Im taking PTU for my thyroid gland. please give me advice. Thank you

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