Workout, Fat Burning & Heart Rate

Heart rate is one of the most important factors in achieving a workout. Working out at the wrong levels can impede one’s progress when it comes to fat burning. Getting the ideal heart rate in the appropriate zone is necessary in order to burn fat. Too high or too low a zone can be detrimental to one’s weight loss efforts and counterproductive to one’s fat burning goals.


What is the ideal heart rate? The heart rate is different for each person. The perfect heart rate can be calculated using a formula. The age affects the heart rate levels. The target heart rate should always be between 50 and 85 percent. The calculation method states that the ideal rate 220 beats per minute minus the person’s age. In order to get the heart rate, the person can place two fingers on their neck or wrist for ten seconds.

Multiplying that rate times ten will give the person the recommended heart rate. How important is a certain heart rate for getting in an effective workout? Maxing out on one’s heart rate can affect a person’s ability to complete the entire workout. Working out in a specific zone determines the benefits from the workout. For example, if the person works out between 60 and 70 percent is ideal for weight loss while maxing out is ideal for interval training. The easiest way to measure one’s heart rate is to use heart rate monitoring devices available. Heart rate monitors can be worn on the arm or wrist. One can learn more about heart rate training tips and tools at


  1. Victoria says:

    It is really good to have a monitoring device since workout can also cause injuries and that is not good. Exercise should help improve our body and not in any way hurt us.

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