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To date there are a handful of followers who have joined Kikay Corner’s Celeteque beauty giveaway. Here’s where I ask for my dear readers to follow me on Instagram! I’m covering a media event in a bit that will need the support of my IG followers. 🙂

KikayCorner Instagram

With over 2,600 photos I have uploaded on Instagram since I joined, it can be told that I am partial towards this particular social networking micro blogging site. It’s just way easier to follow posts and it pretty much archives all your posts in one tab. Yes, I am loving that they now have video feature. I have featured a clip of my son on the keyboard (maybe a video in the coming posts will be of exciting roland at musicians friend) and it is sweet to have gotten a comment with a music producer who has over 16k followers! That’s very encouraging, really.  Instagram is hands down the most fun social media network site, in my opinion. 🙂

So there! Follow me and I will follow back. And who knows this media coverage might just have me giving out a treat or two to one of my Kikay Corner readers! 🙂

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