Recent Beauty Find: Nature Republic C.C. (Complete Control) Cream

More than six months in and I am still loving the first of the Nature Republic beauty products I have gotten my hands on. I am especially loving the Nature Republic’s Collagen HD Blusher, which lasts me practically the whole day.

nature republic beauty products

Nature Republic sent over a few more products last week and I am totally digging the Nature Republic C.C. (Complete Control) Cream. I have used it thrice since and I love how it evens out my skin tone without looking so heavy. While my usual BB cream will give me the full coverage look, this CC cream just looks so fresh and light. It has given me no breakouts too! That is definitely something to take note of when using a brand new skin product. When it does, it can go either way – either it is designed to do some purging or it really is not for your skin.

Nature Republic C.C. Cream

Nature Republic C.C. Cream comes in three variants. Pure Cream Tinted, Makeover Cream Color Change and Holic Cream Whitening

nature republic cc cream tinted

What I am currently using is Nature Republic CC Cream Super Origin CC Cream Tinted with SPF 30 PA++. The tinted part allows me to use it with nothing else on top of it, which really is a dream! While some CC creams will have you use a BB cream on top of it, this one is ideal for lazy girls like me. I really would rather apply one product on my skin and that’s that. I do not even have to bother with the sunblock because the SPF 30 will take care of that. Sweet! 🙂

nature republic super origin c.c. cream

Nature Republic CC Cream mimics your usual foundation and moisturizer while offering all of the major benefits of BB Cream that moisturizes, reduces shine, covers minor imperfection, gives makeup preparation and UV rays protection. C.C. Cream helps your skin stay moisturized for longer hours and has a wider range of coverage to correct your complexion. It evens your skin tone and brightens it along the way.

nature republic cc cream label

I cannot help but notice Nature Republic’s packaging and how they keep to their advocacy of staying earth friendly and having their products as close to nature as they can get.

Nature Republic’s C.C. Cream C.C. Cream contains formulations like Marine Collagen, Ceramide and Vitamin C. The sunscreen protection of SPF30 PA ++ protects your skin. Its marine collagen content, which is an anti oxidant, prevents and repairs skin damages caused by UV rays exposure.  It slows the effects of aging by moisturizing the skin and aiding in plumping the human skin cell. Its ceramide content has been shown to hydrate the surface of the skin thus strengthening its natural barrier. It protects skin from dryness and irritation. Vitamin C Derivatives have natural powerful antioxidants that help tone and tighten sagging and loose skin in adjunct with its detoxifying effects.

Watch out for my posts on more Nature Republic beauty products soon! I’m looking into using the Foot & Nature Peeling Foot Mask next. 🙂

You will find Nature Republic branches at the following locations:

    • 3F SM North EDSA The Block
    • GF SM Fairview
    • 4F Mega Atrium  SM Megamall
    • GF Festival Supermall
    • Landmark Makati
    • Landmark Trinoma
    • 2F Building 3, Sta. Lucia East Mall
    • soon in SM Makati

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