Wedding Dress: To save or to splurge?

Wedding can be expensive especially if you have a theme and numerous people to invite. This is the reason why you check your list over and over to see where you can save and where you can splurge. One thing you could do is to find cheap wedding dresses. You do not have to get the most famous designer when it comes to your dress you can find an inexpensive tailor who deliver magnificent sewing job for you. After all you will only wear the dress once, there is nothing wrong getting an alternative.

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If you really do not want to spend, why not check your mother’s wedding dress? Fashion is timeless, designs from way back are highly recommended particularly for weddings with vintage or rustic theme. All you have to do is to check the gown’s condition and see if there is a need for repair or restoration. Normally your mom’s gown will be yellowish so a good laundry shop could bring back its former beauty.

Should you not like your mom’s wedding dress as is, alterations can be made. If the dress has a close neck design, you can have it cut into tube dress. You may suggest additional embellishment, beadwork, or embroidery too. In this way you can really save money and a lot it to some other wedding element.

Aside from thinking about your own dress, you will also take care of your bridesmaids’ dresses. Traditionally depending on the motif the bridesmaid will follow the color scheme and will vary I design and cut. If you will search bridesmaid gowns 2013 you will see unconventional flare that adds up to the whole vibe of the wedding.

In order to achieve your dream wedding you can play safe when it comes to the norm or break the rules to create an edge and visit DressFirst today.

Best wishes for all marrying couples out there!

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