Affordable Makeup Brushes from Tmart!

Something I will always love about blogging is getting first dibs on stuff that I would otherwise just wait for people to rave over before I give a second look.


 Another product I received in the mail is a parcel from – Professional Makeup Brushes, no less! 🙂


22pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set 

 And they are in pink! Woot! 😀

The 22 pcs professional makeup brush  set has the basic brushes. It has the all over face powder brush, blush brush, angled brush for contouring, a small blush brush, a fan brush that I absolutely love. The first thing I did when I received the package was run my fingers through the hair. The fluffy bunches are soft to the touch and glide naturally across my face, considering they are made of synthetic fibre. At the price of P825.20 with free shipping, you do not usually get that with your regular drugstore makeup brushes.


2 Pcs Powder Brush
9 Pcs Eyeshadow Brush
Lip Brush
Eyeshadow Smudge Brush
Oblique Eyebrow Brush
2 Pcs Fan Brush
2 Pcs Little Point Brush
Small Round Brush
Eyeliner Brush
Eyelash Brush
Eyebrow Comb Brush
Material: Plastic (handle), Aluminum Ferrules, Synthetic Fibre
Color: Pink
Weight: 13.86oz / 393g
Bag Size: 9.25″ x 5.12″ / 23.5 x 13cm (L x W)

Thank you, Tmart! I will soon have these brushes washed and hopefully they hold up and not shed so much like other more affordable makeup brushes do. If they do, I just might find myself browsing through Tmart’s Health & Beauty I’m always for great value for money. 🙂

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