@ProactivWorks Skin Care Advisor Program

Can I just say I am impressed with Proactiv as they recently launched their Skin Care Advisor program? I called their Trinoma shop and was able to speak with Jean, their in-house Skin Care Advisor. I had a question I needed answered with the recent cystic acne that developed in my right cheek. For some reason it embedded itself and did not come out with the acne that was on the surface. She answered every single question I had and I am delighted to be given practical answer to my concern.
Proactiv’s Skin Care Advisor program was recently launched with the goal to give the best information to Proactiv customers. I am not surprised that Jean knew exactly how to answer my concerns because apparently Proactiv’s Skin Care Advisors are not like your ordinary sales representative. They are trained and have undergone the same training module created by Doctors Rodan and Fields. Even if I only called to ask about my acne concern, I was met with a pleasant tone and in a very accommodating manner.

Skin Care Advisor was very friendly and engaging: I’d rate Jean a perfect 10. She did not just answer my concern. She even sent me an SMS after we spoke. Apologizing of the bad signal reception. Which was honestly was coming from my end, since I was the one on mobile and I called the Proactiv landline number in Trinoma.

Skin Care Advisor was seemed very knowledgeable. I’d rate Jean a 5. She knew her products very well. Because I had dry skin where the acne is, she advised me to use the salicylic acid over the benzoyl peroxide type of acne product. She also encouraged me to make use of their moisturizer. I haven’t tried Proactiv’s moisturizer yet so I might give that a go.

Skin Care Advisor was seemed confident and trustworthy. I rate Jean with a 100% as her friendly tone did not give me a tinge of uneasiness, common when we talk to representatives over the phone. Some of them have the tendency to make us feel rushed with our questions. Jean first and foremost has the product knowledge and she knew how to engage me as her prospective customer even via the phone.

I encourage you, my dear readers to give Proactiv Skin Care Advisors a shot especially if you have skin issues that you need to get a consult on. I have tried Proactiv personally and they have worked every time. I love that these Skin Care Advisors also  provide customers one on one guidance on how to achieve a lifetime of clear skin. 🙂


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