Product Feature: Joy with a Touch of Olay

I totally love P&G’s newly launched dishwashing product – Joy with a Touch of Olay. Precisely because it nurtures my badly harassed skin whenever I do the dishes. For this reason, I can easily even tag this wonder of a product in the skin care category just because it takes care of my skin like I want it too. Imagine doing the chores that can otherwise dry your skin yet my skin feels moisturized. While some would suggest wearing gloves while doing their chores, I’m just not too comfy with it. Yes, as beauty-loving blogger as I am, I try my best to take care of myself too while I do my usual everyday domestic chores.

Joy with Olay.jpgHave the softest hands even with the toughest jobs at home
Joy with a Touch of Olay helps maintain skin’s moisture,
making it all set for “touching moments.”

Dishwashing, ironing, doing the laundry and cleaning the house. Imagine doing all these things every single day, on top of your demanding career. This is tough love. As we celebrate women’s month, lives and experiences of women are given more importance and thought. This includes the challenges of women everywhere when it comes to doing household chores.

On March 5 at the Blue Leaf- Silk Pavilion in Taguig, the trials of housework are highlighted and refreshed through Tough Love, an event that placed Mariel Rodriguez and members of the media in “tough” household situations, but with the aid of Joy with a Touch of Olay, a new dishwashing variant of P&G Joy.

Dishwashing can be a draining task. Just imagine coming home from a tiring day at work, seeing piles of plates on the sink, and getting your hands wrinkled and dry from cleaning the dishes. Joy with a Touch of Olay is especially formulated to help maintain the skin’s moisture while retaining the superior grease-fighting power of all Joy variants. It locks in moisture to create moments of pampering as one does chores.

“Joy with Olay strives to take care of women. It is formulated with Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps repair the skin and nourishes the hands by locking in the skin’s moisture. Joy with Olay does not dry the hands, making them “touching moment” ready,” says P&G Brand Communications Leader Anna Legarda.

Joy dishwashing with Olay.jpg

Every dedicated and hardworking woman will appreciate even the littlest things that will comfort and pamper her. It helps even more to have a product that will indulge her even while she performs household chores daily.

I love how it feels on my skin so much that I’m considering try to use it to clean my make up brushes, even the buy faux burlap tablecloths that I wash by hands. 🙂

Mariel and members of the media undergo four different household challenges, including chopping vegetables, squeezing lemons, opening bottles and cans through manual tools, and dishwashing. All of these challenges simulated the experiences women feel whenever they do household chores. These stations were also time-pressured to mirror the multi-tasking lives of modern women every day.

Feel the difference that Joy with a Touch of Olay makes in your dishwashing routine. As seen in Tough Love, housework will never be the same again because of Joy with a Touch of Olay. Women can do all the tough jobs, but still be “touching-moment ready”.

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