Join @ProactivPH’s “Unselfie” Campaign and WIN 30-Day Kit!

It has become common knowledge that we are the selfie capital of the world, as per Time Magazine’s award to the Philippines. No other place in the world has a bunch of people as many as our beloved tropical country who loves sharing selfies. It might have a lot to do that we are also the texting capital of the world. We are just perpetual in our smartphones, aren’t we? I believe I have also read once from one oneline news provider that we are also the “social networking capital of the world.” We are just social like that, be it sms, sharing our selfies or getting in touch through Facebook.


Now here’s a cool “Unselfie” campaign Proactiv is throwing out to all of us who’d consider steering clear from using photo editing apps on our smartphones to make our acnes and other facial blemishes a little less conspicuous from our followers online. This Proactiv “Unselfie” promo encourages netizens to address acne for real and be proactive by using Proactiv. There will be 1 winner each week of Proactiv 30-Day Kit.

Joining is simple:

1. Like “Proactiv Solution Philippines” Facebook Page or follow Proactiv Philippines Instagram Account
2. Write a pledge in a piece of paper “I need to be Proactiv”, “#Unselfie” and “#BeProactiv”.
3. Take a “selfie” with the pledge placard and post it at:
a) Proactiv Solution Philippines Facebook Account
b) Personal Instagram Account and must tag @ProactivPH

Screenshot 2014-06-06 15.52.59

 And just before I left for the market today, I posted my #BeProactive #Unselfie post on Instagram. Follow me: @jenaspacio. 🙂

Be #Proactiv and submit your #unselfie now! 🙂

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