The Brow Studio Experience

“If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the brows are the window frame.”

As with my ever sparse lashes, my brows understandably have the same fate, not a very convenient thing, I must say. Because this means I am to perpetually fill them in, unlike if it were bushy, I can always shape them to my liking. Since I am a firm believer that brows are what frame the face, how we shape them, or fill them in can be critical in one’s over all look. The very reason I can leave the house without powder, lipstick or any other makeup on, but you can’t make me leave the house without (filling) my “brows” in. “If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the brows are the window frame.”

The Brow Studio

 I had a lovely and interesting time with The Brow Studio owner, Teng Tobillo and other bloggers a couple of weeks back. It was my first time to get some decent brow treatment, since the place I used to go to for waxing have always told me off from getting my brows shaped or threaded, because “I had no brows to start with.” I know, that may sound I little harsh. But I don’t really mind the rejection since I’ve known for a fact that I’ve always had little brows to work with anyway. And I just learned to make do of what I have. This is why I appreciated that The Brow Studio welcomed me and my very sparse brows. I love the brushing up on how I should have my brows shaped. I have learned quite a bit since I attended MakeUp Forever’s Personal Makeup Course in 2011.

The Brow Studio brow photos

 Eyebrows Collage inside The Brow Studio

Emy of The Brow Studio


The brow designer who took care of me was Ate Emy. As with any other salon I go to, I have kind of made it a habit to ask them how long they’ve been with the company. Ate Emy has been with The Brow Studio since it was launched at its very first location in Eastwood City in 2010. I love that. For my first brow-grooming experience, I wouldn’t want to just entrust my already problematic brows to a noob.

The Brow Studio brow designers go through rigorous classroom and hands-on training sessions. They are trained to master thread handling and eyebrow arch creation and facial shape assessment. What I totally dig is how The Brow Studio have every brow designer thread over 100 pairs of eyebrows before releasing them on the floor to work on actual clients. How’s that for quality control? It was my first time ever to experience having my wayward brows threaded and I did not once flinch! And all the while I thought it was painful.  

filled in brows

I went to The Brow Studio with filled-in brows

sparse brows

 Most of the K-Palette Tattoo eyebrow liner erased off my sparse brows

The Brow Studio threading


Eyebrow threading: ON! 

The Brow Studio filling brows


Ate Emy brushing me up on my brow shaping skills! As opposed to that waxing studio that turned me down, with  hope of getting them shaped, The Brow Studio actually gives more than just the threading and brow shaping service but some valuable skill on the art of framing the face via brow shaping! I love it! 🙂

The Brow Studio brows


I loved how my brows looked after the threading and shaping Ate Emy did on me. It totally framed my face better than when I first came in the studio. I’ve been cloning this since! 🙂

Brow Studio Gift Certificates can be bought and given away as gifts

Incidentally, Brow Studio Gift Certificates are available for sale in all The Brow Studio salon branches. Perfect giveaway or gifts for friends and loved ones.

Brow Studio Menu

The Brow Studio Menu

I am totally digging the prices of The Brow Studio services! It’s just a fraction of what the other waxing salon I used to go to charges. The reason why they are able to offer premium services for a fraction of what others charge is that unlike the other salons, The Brow Studio is not franchised from abroad. The Brow Studio is a home-grown, Filipino specialty salon. Making it easier for us to maintain the condition of our eyebrows without a dent in the pocket. The Brow Clean-up Express is a winner in itself. No need to pay the full Brow Design service charge (which honestly is affordable already in itself), we only pay P188 to get the existing brow shape cleaned. Sweet!

My eyes are kinda zooming in on that eyebrow reconstruct corner, given it’s almost 1/3 the price of the other salon I speak of, the one that won’t touch my brows unless it’s reconstruction I’m having done. Haha! I will have to inquire more about it. 🙂 

Brow Vitamins

The Brow Studio Brow Vitamins

That said, I’m putting The Brow Studio Brow Vitamins to the test first. I have been using it for a week now. The Brow Vitamins is a plant-based serum with flower infusions and herbal extract. It contains amino acids, hair Vitamin B5 and an active hair growing formula that creates healthier, fuller and defined looking brows. The Brow Vitamins promotes hair growth and hydrates the eyebrow hair follicles. I love that this is hypo-allergenic. I have had no break outs since I started using it. It is so easy to use since it’s a roll-on type. I’ll post a review on this after two months or so. Let you know how The Brow Vitamins will deliver. 🙂

Thank you, The Brow Studio for having me experience my first ever brow-threading experience and for making sure I don’t get triggered of my tendency to feel rejected. Haha! Seriously, I had fun and I super love the brushing up on my brow-shaping skill through your brow designer expert, Ate Emy.

The Brow Studio branches are located in Eastwood City, SM Megamall, SM City Manila, SM City Lanang Premiere, SM City Baguio, SM North Edsa, The Block, SM City Clark, SM City BF Paranaque, SM City Fairview and Shopwise Araneta Cubao.



  1. Chelle says:

    May branch po ba kayo here in baguio?

  2. mae says:

    nagpa threading ako kanina sa may sm manila sabi ko sa front desk yung 188 lang sakin tas nung nag threading na ang babae sakin sa isang kilay ko abay hiningian ako ng bayad na 328 daw..helloooo??? siya naba ang dapat masunod??? tapos wala pang resibo ha..naku di na talaga ako babalik dun buti nalang di ako nagwala dun muntik ko na yun sagut sagutin eh..ayusin nyu systema nyu jan

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