Gadget Feature: EnGenius N900 Cloud Router and EnShare

Ever since I started blogging and working from home in 2007, aside from the many issues we’ve had with unreliable internet providers, there’s also this challenge of access to my files, since I was plenty limited by the capacity of my flash drive when I’m mobile. My 1TB hard drive isn’t exactly too handy to lug around with. While Dropbox might have been around since 2007, it wasn’t until late 2009 when I signed up and even then the 10GB cap on files transferred via the website is just not enough.

Fast forward to 7 years, our local internet providers haven’t really changed a great deal. It has become so frustrating that as I come to think of it, we have actually shifted to 5 different internet provider since. Of course, that’s always with the hope that the recent one is better than the former. ISPs have become so unreliable that we actually have to subscribe to 2 providers until now for back up reason. 

EnGenius Cloud RoutersEnGenius Routers

Both issues that are prevalent for a blogging family like ours were pretty much addressed in the EnGenius launch I attended last week. The Taiwanese nationals introduced EnGenius Intelligent Platform for Extending Home Network Resources. True to their name, the innovations that they have come up with are very impressive.

In a market saturated with costly enterprise-level wireless management platforms that come with recurring subscription or licensing costs (yes, that includes cloud services like Dropbox (pro account), EnGenius brings a breath of fresh air in that they combine an enterprise-class wireless controller and Layer 2 Managed switched and PoE (Power over Ethernet) as power source for up to several indoor and outdoor managed wireless access points.

EnGenius Cloud Unbox

 EnGenius Cloud Router I got to have first dibs on. Wireless N900 with Gigabit Ports, dual-band, no less! 

And I haven’t even started with the EnGenius Cloud Service that features the EnViewer, EnTalk Lite, EnShare and EnRoute apps. These features enable users to connect to their media and files from anywhere, stay synced with friends and family members around. I super love how this single-handedly resolve my issues of limited cloud storage of free online ones like Dropbox. Sure, I’ve expanded my limit when friends sign up via my Dropbox link but that’s still not enough. It’s like having my own private cloud network available for me to access wherever I am! It’s literally a freelancer’s dream come true. And unlike other cloud services that would have you perpetually pay for their subscriptions, there is no catch, it is free for lifetime access to your very own cloud service whenever you want. I have been enjoying these features for a whole week now and I don’t know how I survived without it all these years. Seriously!

EnGenius Unboxing

EnGenius Cloud Router Unboxed!

Product Highlights:

+ Up to 900 Mbps wireless speed with both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands
+ Gigabit Wired Speeds and USB Port
+ The EnGenius Cloud and EnShare™
+ Xtra Range™ Technology for Better Signal Coverage Throughout Your Home
+ Prioritizes Applications and Maintains Quality of Experience
+ Multiple SSIDs
+ Industry-Standard Security
EnGenius Router wit 1TB HD


EnGenius Router plugged in to my 1 TB Hard Drive

Having access to my files wherever I am is no longer an impossible thing. No more troubling myself to transfer needed files to to an online cloud storage, then erase them later to free up space. So convenient!


Dual Band Wi-Fi Connectivity – The N900 Cloud Router, also known as ESR900, has two frequency bands available – the 2.4Ghz and the 5 Ghz. My Apple devices are able to connect to either of the channels without hitch. With both ISPs that we are subscribed to, not being so reliable, we are able to make a work around and make things a little more convenient than before. Both my Macbook and iPad are logged on to the other band while the rest of the devices at home logs in via the other. By doing this we distribute the internet connection traffic into two channels making the connection more efficient.

Setting up the EnGenius Router was easy and logging on to EnShare to access my 1TB hard drive was just a click away via the App Store.  I login via the upper portion and enter my credentials when I’m home and login to the lower portion for remote login. You just need to make sure that the Cloud Router is connected to the external hard drive and you connect to computers virtually.

I was so thrilled when I was first able to access my hard drive from my iPad! It’s so neat that I am able to remotely access my files from wherever I am. Yes, I just can’t say that enough! Love it! I can only imagine fellow bloggers (even fellow freelancers) having the same high when  they get to do things this limitless.

I have yet to maximize the vast features of EnGenius and will further update and let you in on my thoughts via Here’s looking forward to EnGenius’ upcoming CCTV camera this coming SeptemberConsumer Network Camera. I sure hope it’s better than the Baby Vision we tried last year.



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