Beauty Product Feature: Flawless Underarm Whitening with Milk Extract

Some months ago, I underwent this laser underarm hair removal procedure. While I super love the fact that I did not have to shave at least twice a week, in fact, it lasted so long that I did not shave for a couple of months and no hair surfaced, I did not make it to the third session though. I should undergo at least 6 sessions to permanently remove the hair. Even then, I would still have to go back for a yearly for some sort of a retouching session.

Flawless Underarm Whitening

One of the expected side effects of underarm laser removal is the darkening of the pits. While this may be nothing permanent and can easily be addressed, I kind of got shocked that I had to pause the laser removal session to get my pits back to normal.

I am so happy to have this Flawless Underarm Whitening Cream with Milk Extract handy that I have practically replaced my deodorant with it. It is so gentle that I use it after every bath, that’s twice per day.

Flawless Whitening with Milk Extract

I can’t even begin to express my delight as I started to see my pits lighten in color in less than a week! I do not just have lighter-colored underarms now, the chicken skin that is caused by regular shaving is altogether gone as well. Unlike other underarm whitening products that I see available in the market, this does not seem to involve peeling, there’s no sting, which makes it perfect for me. My skin tend to be delicate that I am not very comfortable experimenting a lot when it comes to underarm whitening.

Flawless Whitening CreamThe consistency of Flawless Underarm Whitening with Milk Extract is that of a thick paste. It easily glides through as I apply it on both pits. It has a delicate smell and totally delivers when it comes to its professed whitening feature.  A little goes a long way. I have been using this for more than a couple of months now and I still haven’t touched the bottom. As for my underarm laser removal procedure, I will go back to resuming that soon. The confidence is coming from the fact that I have Flawless Underarm Whitening with Milk Extract to take care of any even underarm darkening episodes happens again.

Incidentally, you can’t find this wonder product sold in EntirelyPets Pharmacy or just about anywhere. Kikay Corner is also selling Flawless Underarm Whitening with Milk Extract and other Sutla/Flawless beauty products. Feel free to email me via for inquiries. I take pride in vouching for products that truly deliver. 🙂

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