#iTrustU @UratexFoam, Let Me Count the Ways…

I’ve been a longtime believer of quality and durability. My family must’ve gotten this streak in me through the years that they have embraced it like a household cult as well. From the pricier beauty gadget over the cheap-o imitation, to the more expensive clothespin clothes dryer carousel made of metal to the generic made of plastic one, to our well-loved durable but affordable Uratex mattress. Purchasing durable and reliable brands will always give me more value for my money – something I have always believed and have proved true to this day.


I don’t have to go far, let alone step out of our bedroom to prove this.  Take for instance our almost 10 year old mattress. If you remember the Typhoon Ondoy flooding in 2009,  you will know that one of the badly hit areas is Rizal. Well, we are from Rizal.

We were ready to get rid of our Sleep Comfort Memory Foam Mattress in the above photo as the hubby was carrying it out of the house as we did the house clean up that took three long months!

To give you a glimpse of how bad our home was hit during that time, check out one of my Typhoon Ondoy posts – here.

Ondoy flooding

I wouldn’t have guessed that our Uratex mattress would still see the light of day after this. I was ready to give it away to people who passed by our street to find junk they can still make use of.  Imagine my delight after we had it sit under the sun for days, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected that it was as if flood waters never touched it. My son’s other branded bed was not as lucky. We gave both bed box and bed to the first passerby who expressed interest.

It was a blessing that our bed box was all wood, it practically floated, was pretty tall that the flood waters only touched the surface of the mattress that made it damp.

Uratex Sleep Comfort


As I tried to make sense of how on earth can a mattress survive the stink and horrendous devastation that is Ondoy, I realized that our Sleep Comfort Memory Mattress has been treated with Sanitized® to protect us and our mattress against germs, bacteria, dust mites, fungi, and unpleasant odors. Sweet! That explains why our bed has not deteriorated in its quality. Truth be told, my foremost reason for choosing the Sleep Comfort Memory Mattress was because of my bad back that had to see a chiropractor for years. It didn’t just address my bad back (I’ve been able to sleep comfortably since) but my preference for durability and reliability too.

Sleep Comfort Memory Bed by Uratex

Above is the photo I have recently taken of our well-loved memory foam mattress.  Can you imagine a mattress struck by the infamous Ondoy can still be as gorgeous? While I know that Uratex won’t back this product with a 10-year warranty without reason, it took this experience to know for sure the length its commitment was going to deliver. I was not one bit disappointed.  Our durable and reliable Sleep Comfort Memory mattress sure did not  give up on me when I almost gave up on her. “Her” because just like a mother who nurtures, she is powerful, strong, welcoming, endures and is ever reliable. 🙂

When it comes to sleep, our family is a believer of being good stewards of things we are given, this includes our health. Getting enough sleep is imperative to good health. Because the only time our bodies are able to seriously get down to “repair” itself is when we’re sleeping. Enough quality sleep will help the skin regenerate. We sleep everyday anyway, we might as well maximize the benefit we get from it. It is always best to have

Sleep Trivia that we have learned and take note of:

One cycle of sleep is 90 minutes. So from the time you sleep until the time you wake up in the morning, you have, let’s say, 5 to 6 cycles of sleep. It is best to set the alarm in multiples of 90 minutes. Say, you sleep at 10 PM, your sleep cycles end at 11:30PM, 1AM, 2:30 A.M., 4AM, then 5:30AM. Setting the alarm at 5:30AM instead of 5AM assures you that you are not roused in the middle of your deep-sleep stage. This will more likely have you wake up on the right side of the bed every day.


Our stylish Scatola by Rajo Laurel – Uratex’s Convertible Ottoman

  • Durable, premium-quality fabric cover is exclusively made by RGC Textile using the superior weaving technology of Japan’s Tatsumura Textile Co. Ltd. Removable. Machine-washable. Non-shrink.
  • Designed with four side pockets that can be used for magazines, newspapers, remote controls, cell phones and other small items.
  • Fabric cover features Rajo Laurel’s signature.

When our son lost his bed to Ondoy, we had to get him a replacement. My mom got him a bunk bed and we got him a classic single size Uratex mattress. It was practically a default brand for our family. We also bought a convertible Ottoman that serves as our son’s bed when he stays in our room.

Uratex Ottoman Scatola

When our most loved Scatola isn’t used as a bed, it serves as our family room/homeschooling nook accent.

Scatola Uratex by Rajo Laurel

Lost remote controls is a thing of the past for us since the Scatola invasion. The stylish convertible ottoman is wrapped around with four huge pockets. They house our magazines, photo books and remote controls!

These are just few of the reasons why #iTrustU Uratex. With our family’s decade-old love affair with Uratex and truth be told, something that was passed down to us by our respective families of origin, we totally vouch that every Uratex purchase is an investment that will serve us years, generations even. Thank you, Uratex, for manufacturing such quality products! 🙂


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