Mention-Worthy Whitening Products

Like it or not, we Filipinas are bombarded with whitening products left and right. It’s as if our life depended on being as fair skinned as possible. They say the caucasians who have colonized our country have left, but guess what, the mentality of fair being “beautiful” has kind of stuck. This is true even for someone who is considerably fair. It’s inevitable. It is kind of the norm. Thus, I more than just find myself hiding under the sun as I slather through thick sunscreen protection but I have also enjoyed using quite a bunch of whitening products.

Who does not love clear, translucent, clean and fair skin, right? Those are essentially my reasons why I play favorites and here’s my list of Top Whitening Products:

1. Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrub

When I go to a spa, it was never for a massage that I go for. My hubby is more skilled than any spa therapist who’s ever given me a massage. I go to a spa for the scrub treatment. Ever since Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrub, I have practically stopped going to the spa for my longed for body scrub.

2. Flawless Underarm Whitening with Milk Extract

I did not expect laser hair removal was going to cause underarm darkening, so it startled me quite a bit when it did. This product is a wonder product in that I gained my fair skin back in under a week. I love that it has all-natural ingredients and there was no sting in the whitening process.

3. Nautreal Beauty Products

Nautreal is the very first several (meaning: more than 2 products) step beauty regimen that I ever found myself diligent enough to follow through for at least three weeks. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been religious after three weeks, but I’ll have to say that this local brand is mention-worthy in that I saw that it was effective in clearing my skin off blemishes, even lightened some sun spots.

4. Priva Intimate Wash by Unilab

I was not much of a fan of feminine washes. I’ve always known that our bodies have self-cleaning abilities and there’s danger in a host of commercial feminine washes because of the risk of messing up with our body’s natural pH level.  My curiosity got the best of me that I gave Priva Intimate Wash a try because of “skin lightening” feature. The sanitary pads that we use month in and month out are notorious when it comes to scratching and the inner legs that causes darkening especially when hormones are going amok. Our skin is most sensitive during this time of the month. Thus, they are more vulnerable to trauma. Improvement of skin tone in 2 weeks! Will definitely get this post updated. I’ve used this for a week, so far.

Priva Skin Lightening and Cooling variant is especially formulated with glutathione and natural strawberry extract that help lighten dark skin areas. It also has RevitaCool, which keeps us feeling fresh and cool. I love that Priva is clinically tested OB/Gynes.  This definitely gives me confidence in trying the product.

Priva also comes in Skin Firming and Cooling variant. It is formulated with collagen with natural extracts of Kwao Krua. Increased skin elasticity after 6 weeks of regular use. 

Priva LighteningPriva Firming and Cooling

5. Godiva Natural Skin Care Products

One of the very first brands I have loved from when I was in college was Godiva. For some reason, I’ve stopped seeing it available in the market until recently. The reacquaintance was sweet. Godiva is definitely one of the more effective and affordable beauty brands there is that I know of.

So there’s my short and sweet list of my mention-worthy whitening products. Have you tried any from the list? Is there a brand you think I missed? What’s on your list? 🙂

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