@SWAPwatch DIY and SWAP Loom by @TomatoPH

There is nothing I love more that personalized stuff. If you have been following this blog for a while, you’ll know this for a fact. This is why it was a delight to know that Tomato Time SWAP has come up with such exciting concept, they call SWAP DIY.

Tomato Time DIY


SWAP DIY is so much fun!

SWAP Design-It-Yourself is Tomato Time SWAP’s latest offering where we can have our personal photo and design turned into a SWAP Watch. I used to order my personalized stuff from Hongkong. SWAP’s quality is a whole tad better.

Tomato Time Swap

Our SWAP DIY with our Family Photo

Since I was looking into giving the SWAP Watch to my son, I asked him what color he wants it in. His favorite color is red, so red it is. He was also the one who chose which family picture he’ll have the design in. πŸ™‚

Tomato Time customized

I am plenty particular about quality. So I wasn’t able to help myself from inspecting every nook and cranny. Nope, it is nothing like your tiangge quality slap watch. My son has a few of those, even one that’s branded but they just don’t compare. The silicone straps are water resistant and high quality made.

Tomato Time personalized

Our Personalized DIY SWAP Watch, Up Close πŸ™‚

Tomato Swap Watch Japan Movement

Japan Movement, no less!


Tomato Time KikayCorner

Β SWAP DIY on my son’s wrist. πŸ™‚

For only P1,000, you can have your personalized SWAP Watch and pair it with your choice of strap color!

SWAP loom

To make things even more fun, SWAP Watch recently joined the Looming bandwagon as they launched their SWAP Loom. Loom lovers can now create their own rainbow loom strap with a pattern of their choice: flipside, crisscross, pentalock or whatever loom design. The SWAP straps are sold for only P350 – looming ready! πŸ™‚

Both SWAP DIY and SWAP Loom are available via Tomato Online Store – shop.tomato.ph/time/swap/DIY

Tomato Time SWAP Watch
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