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It has been more that three years since I took the Personal Beauty Make Up Course Maquillage Professionnel by Make Up Forever. I intended to blog about it but life got in the way. 🙂

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Above is a collage of a few of the photos I took in the 15 hour Personal Make Up Course that I enrolled in with the pretty girls I am with in the above photos. I can’t believe this was three years ago! Time flies. I was meaning to level up but I had my priorities right in line. I would still love to learn more about make up artistry still. Maybe later when I get the chance.

Screenshot 2014-10-03 12.10.55

Meanwhile, if make up artist school is something you are getting into, it will be in your best interest to be in the best school. Foundational learning is always key. Chances are when you start on the wrong foot, it is more difficult to “unlearn” things you go used to than if you  start right. Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is a licensed makeup academy  that offers makeup training in all areas of artistry: Beauty, Fashion, Film, TV & Special Effects.

There are 3 courses that I’m personally interested in: the Fundamental Makeup Technique, the Bridal and Glamour Makeup Course and the Airbrush Makeup and Tanning. Their curriculum for every course is pretty extensive. Students are guaranteed to have no less than top-notch learning for each course. Check out the curriculum inclusion of Fundamental Makeup Technique below:

Fundamental Makeup Technique (78 clock hours)

  • The Essential Principles of Application
  • Artistic Color Theory
  • Sanitation & The Tools of the Trade
  • Facial Geometry & Corrective Techniques
  • Brow Shaping & Design
  • Problematic Lip Shapes & Correction
  • Skin Care & Primers
  • Corrective Technique on Different Eye Types
  • Current Looks & Trends
  • Reshaping with Highlighting & Contouring
  • Mature Makeup
  • Successful Skills in Retail Artistry
  • Multi-Cultural Makeup

It will really be nice to find a local school similar to the courses Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry offer. Recommendations, anyone? 🙂

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