Fashion, Beauty Finds and Holiday Shopping at @LamidoPH

You can say that one’s a certified online shopper when a lot of what she talks about are the perks of online shopping. You really can’t blame me since it has worked for me for years, I wouldn’t exchange the convenience of it all. It’s crazy during times I’ll just need to swing by malls these days, seems like everyone in the metro is at those shopping establishments doing their holiday shopping.

If you’re a practical girl like me, you’d seriously look into shopping online and save yourself the hassle of having to do elbow-hitting ninja moves at the mall to check out your holiday gifts list.

lamido screenshot

And because fashion and beauty gifts don’t get old, those are the categories I’m mostly hanging out in Lamido these days. The prices to love as well. I love that I don’t have to spend on gas while I’m at it. 

fashion finds at lamido



Fashion Finds at Lamido

Now, you have to agree with me when I say that those are great finds with affordable price tags! Kimono wrap for P160? The cheapest I saw at the malls was double that.

beauty finds

The beauty finds look promising too! Guess what item I’m checking out with amongst this batch?

Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

I’ve read reviews about this product enough number of times to convince me that its a good alternative to the pricey but celebrated Clarisonic. Will let you know how the transaction turns out and a review of the product itself. 🙂

I only trust a few online shops like Lamido buy and sell. With the abundance of fraudulent acts happening online, we really ought to be on guard. My confidence with Lamido is backed by Lamido Safepay, an escrow service that they use that guarantees the buyers to get a hold of their products first before releasing the money that was paid for the purchase. Sweet! Now, I wish all online shopping sites have this. We all can do away from being duped by some online sellers who bank on the good reputation of online shopping sites. The Lamido Safepay makes for a win-win for the both buyer and the seller.

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